Hello my lovelies, hope you enjoyed your Christmas time, and had some sweet slow moments with your beloved ones. We had a lovely Hanukkah here. Lighting the Menorah every evening, singing Hanukkah songs with the family – I just love the special spirit of this winter holiday. Actually all five of us really appreciated these family delightful moments. Along with those cosy family evenings, we had some workshops and the usual weekly sessions, here during the morning hours. If you follow me on IG or FB you saw an article I shared where they wrote about me and my little crochetObjet world on an online design magazine. A very positive article, very exciting for me. You can find the article here. It’s written in Hebrew but there are few nice pictures that tell the story. Beside these happy things, I’m busy recently, making flowers and fern greenery. The thing is that I can’t stop making all kind of flowers and leaves and I am actually surrounded by a crocheted botanical garden now. Really, it seems that for every single flower I crochet 4 more new ideas are jumping into my creative mind. I can easily see a whole bunch of botanical crocheted patterns that are going to be written in the near future. Angie is crazy about those Lavender flowers, she keeps them, no chance to take it from her :))One by one I make these flowers and Fern greenery into a PDF file, like this Chrysanthemum above. Each new flower or leaf I make is going to be a new pattern of course. But I need time for this making, creating, crocheting, writing, photographing & PDF-ing. All those i-n-g things demand some ‘home alone’ hours and a lot of my attention. I see your nice comments on my IG and FB pages and I know you’re waiting for patterns. I try to be ready with new patterns for my weekly groups but on the other hand I want to write them down in English, for you. So today I have some good news, YeY!!! ~~~ Flowery newsssss !!
Both Chamomile Bouquet Pattern and Chamomile Bouquet Kit are now ready, and you can….FINALY….find them on my Etsy shop. I am really really happy to have this pattern written in English PDF file. These Chamomile flowers are just a perfect little CrochetObjet DIY project to be busy with. These flowers are heart melting. We made them in our workshops, as can be seen here, and I can tell you for sure, this Chamomile pattern not just creates a very high quality crochet flower but also provides a therapeutic crochet pleasure. Creating this Botanical Garden is a joy.So let me just explain a little about what are these two newbies on my shop. Lets start with the pattern.
Chamomile Bouquet Pattern
This is a step-by-step crochet instructions, written in English (US terms) with many pictures along, for each step. It is made to make it easier for you to follow. I wrote a very detailed pattern to make you feel like you are here with me on one of my workshops. Having said all that, I think you should be aware of the crochet level as written on my Etsy shop.
The Chamomile Bouquet pattern is a high level crochet work. These instructions are written step-by-step but are good for you ONLY if you have experienced crochet in the past and if this is NOT your first crochet project. You have to be familiar with the crochet abbreviations and different stitches. No chart is included, only words.

In my Chamomile pattern I use Granny Kit cotton and a fine crochet hook, 1.5 mm or max 1.75 mm. I find that this combination creates a very fine work. The density of the stitches with this cotton yarn, creates a very high quality crochet flower. As we work this flower with a smaller hook than what the yarn is calling for, we’ll have to make sure the yarn is not split while working. You’ll have to undo your stitches if the yarn got split, otherwise your flower will not come out as beautiful as seen in pictures.

I recommend that you start crocheting your first flower with the 1.75 / 2.25 mm hook and if you feel comfortable you can make the second one with a 1.5/ 1.75 mm. The flower will be crocheted in 3 parts‭: ‬The pollen pad, the petals and the stem will come after. I gave three different petals potions, so you can create a reach bouquet as seen in the picture above. This Botanical Garden Chamomile Bouquet makes me fly up to the sky. In the Chamomile Bouquet pattern, I will also teach how to crochet the bud bulb – use a 2.5mm hook for this part.What do you need
Yarn: Granny Kit cotton Chamomile kit
Crochet hooks: 1.5, 1.75, 2.25 mm
Soft stuffing (acrylic or cotton)
A metal wire for the flower stem – optional
Crafty scissors & a tapestry needleThe Chamomile Kit
This is a pack of 8 Granny Kit cotton balls with the Chamomile Bouquet colours as follow: Lace, Sand, Sage, Moss, Lily, Daisy, Corn & Sunny.Within the pattern you’ll find an explanation of where to use each colour in the kit.On the last part of the Chamomile Bouquet pattern, I’ll teach you how to block your flowers. Blocking those flowers will make them sing a song only flowers know how to sing and will put a huge smile on your face. Let’s celebrate this pattern release with a special price and a huge THANK YOU.
I think we should celebrate this Chamomile Bouquet together and therefore I decided to put the pattern for 4.oo$ ONLY till the end of this weekend. The regular price will be 7.00$.
The Chamomile Bouquet pattern will be 4.oo$ till Sunday, January 8 2017.
From Monday, January 9 2017 – the price will be 7.00$.

I would like you to enjoy it and this is my way to say THANK YOU for your lovely comments on IG and FB and also thank you for being patient waiting for me to write it down.
If you give it a try please share your Chamomile on IG using #chamomile and #crochetobjet – I love to see your creations. The next pattern I plan to write is the Chrysanthemum – hope to have it done soon. I dream of so many other patterns to be written and create a Botanical Garden. Thank you for reading me. Enjoy your : craftime : xoxMo