I took a little break to have a quick girls weekends in Berlin, two weeks ago. A much needed break from my ‘busybee’ routine. 2016 was full to the brim for me. Having my dreamy home business is not as easy as it seems. I truly enjoy everything I do but Gosh this is exactly what I’m trying to say, sometimes it feels like too much. Being a working at home mom means being a hands on mom and juggle my CrochetObjet activities, while at the same time mothering my busy kids. Having said that, I just want to make it clear – I’m totally, up to the sky thankful for everything achieved by now. Still, for quite a while I have felt the need for a short break away from this hectic routine. It’s the 3rd time I travel to Berlin with my friend Shirley. First time we traveled with both of our oldest daughters – kind of Bat Mitzvah trip for her daughter. Our husbands joined us on the second visit, for more of a couples weekend. This time a friend of ours wanted to join and we had a short though VERY refreshing girls weekend. We always fly there with Easy Jet – a low cost flight makes it very affordable, and it becomes easier to travel. Actually the flight itself supplied me with some meditating crochet time. As I always carry a little bag with hook and cotton, I just need a chair to sit on, so goes without saying – a perfect time to start working on this little black bag I had in mind for quite a while. It was late afternoon, when we arrived to Berlin. We dropped our bags in the hotel and went straight into the busy streets. Ohhh how lovely it was, for us, to find out there are still some Christmas decorations out there. All the lights on the trees make my heart sing, I just love the way it looks. We just walked with our heads up, looking all around us, enjoying these sparkles all over. Berlin was snowy most of the time. Snowy weather is like a magic for us. Everything looks so dreamy and soft. The streets and buildings and everything looks like it floats with no weight. In Israel it’s very rare to have snow and if there is some, people travel with tons of other cars on the roads just to be able to see it. It surprised me how wonderful it was to stroll the streets while it is actually snowing. It wasn’t snowing very heavy though. It was like walking inside a dream. We had good coats, hats, scarves and gloves of course. We just did all as usual while at the same time snowflakes were falling on us. Perfect snowflakes. We looked at them closely to enjoy each as they seems to look like an artwork made by nature. It was sales time, during our visit, so the shops didn’t look as beautiful and tidy as they usually do. Some of the shops still had beautifully decorated corners, I love chici shops decorations. We went in and out of some beautiful shops, alternated with some nice and warm coffee breaks or restaurants. Few of them were places we just wanted to visit again but we also had few nice recommendations for some new cool places to visit. 

We went to see some exhibitions. We visited the BerlinischeGalerie, the Jewish museum (just from the outside for this time), and Oh YES once again, just like in each of our previous visits, we went to C/O Berlin – a highly recommended photograph gallery. Every time we visit the C/O Berlin it reminds me how much I love and appreciate photography. This gallery always hosts such a special content, always something interesting and unexpected, in regards to photography, and they have the best cakes in their cafe by the way. Do you also get attracted to museums’ and galleries’ cafes? I find them very attractive. It feels like having something beyond the actual coffee break. We had a super delicious coffee & crochet break in their lovely cafe, I could easily spend hours there, I really really love the overall atmosphere in C/O Berlin gallery. It was so relaxing sitting and crocheting my black bag there with this delicious cheese cake and cappuccino. It was a very short break but good enough for me to ventilate my ‘busybee’ self/routine. It was just like a nice little sparkle of ‘me for me time’ kids free, far away from home and laundry, which provided me with some fresh energy. Every time I travel with Shirley, no matter in what combination I feel it is totally a perfect match and I’m very thankful for having such a close to heart kind of friendship. On our flight back home I continued working on my black bag, which is a fast and easy project just like this Berlinish weekend. What I had in mind was a small black bag, to carry my cell phone with a little wallet when I drive my kids to their afternoon activities. In some of the cases I don’t want to carry more then this. I wanted it to be small and simple but with a little something in addition to add some soul and make it special. I made few trials and finally I thought it’ll be easier to try it on a smaller size bag. So I made one for Hili (Shirley’s youngest). I crocheted this tiny little bag in like an hour or so. I crocheted 2 or 3 trials till I had what I was looking for. Hili was happy up to the sky to have this little bag for her fairy dust. They came for dinner last Saturday and Hili fell asleep. When they went home, carrying her on hands she suddenly raised her had and said to her mother: don’t forget my little bag – she is SWEET.
I only managed to finish my black Jet bag when I was back home. But it was a fast make as I already had what I was looking for. I plan to share here a FREE pattern for you, if you like. I hope to write it down for you soon. Would you like to have Hili’s small bag pattern? or the Black Jet pattern? I’ll wait to see what you prefer. A short time after I landed back at home I was again deep into my workshops routine and YES I packed all the orders you placed when I was away THANK YOU so much for your patient – all orders are on their way by now and some of them have already arrived their final destination. I’ll share more of these colourful workshops here soon so please stay tuned, xoxMo