Whenever you’re ready, make yourself a cup of hot tea/coffee and come dive in with me here, into a colour therapy session. January 17′ was full of lovely colourful crochet goodness. I’ve gathered here some pictures to share this special atmosphere we have here, during our crochet workshops. All the pictures you’ll see here today were taken during our January’s workshops and weekly meetings. This table has the happiest and most colourful stories to tell and few of them are shown here today. Come, join in. The Granny Kit cotton little shop/ presentation is seen on the above pictures. A little shop I make while creating the workshop presentation/styling. At the end of this post you’ll see a little video I made for you, to show you the general workshop set up, prepared before the girls arrive. I know some of you started to create your own workshops, inspired by these and I know it is very helpful for you to see as many details as possible, of the set up. I’m so happy to be able to inspire you to take action. It fills my heart with blissss to inspire you to make your own creations or any other significant moves.
I’ll add the name of each project along and I’ll link every project to its specific pattern. I’ll also add the names of the colours used in each project, to make it easier for you to pick up your own colours for your projects. All the projects here are made of Granny Kit cotton. Lets start here with……. A new 4 Seasons Chevron  – the sampling stage. First colour block made of Granny Kit cotton colour Seafoam.It’s always feels very special to host a beginner in a workshop. Do you remember the first time you started to crochet? How you learnt to crochet? who taught you to make your first stitches? I made my first crochet stitches with my beloved grandmother, I was very young actually. She was a perfect teacher and I loved to crochet with her. If you still don’t know how to crochet and you want to give it a go, try this to learn how to start. Now back to the above picture, take a good look at it because soon you’ll see more of this beginners’ creation. This ‘first make’ chain is made of colour Aqua.Sara is crocheting my new Fern Greenery pattern. This pattern is part of my Botanical garden patterns and it’ll soon be available on my shop. Colour Moss in work.Ilana.M is new at my workshops but she has experienced crochet in the past, so she could pick any project she wanted. She has crocheted the Smitten Square, using colour Platinum. The square on the left side, made of colour Cameo, is a sample I put next to her instructions. It is supposed to help her get an idea of what she’s crocheting.
A gorgeous Chrysanthemum in work. Yafit is using colour Daisy. Yafit, by the way, is the one who made me start with my workshops. This is a very nice story for another separate post. She is a very experienced crocheter and it’s a huge a pleasure having her here around the workshops table.
The flowers you see beside the Chrysanthemum are the Corsage flowers – is a new pattern I wrote for my weekly meetings. It’ll soon be available on my Etsy shop.One more gorgeous Chrysanthemum in work. Yael is using colour peach for it’s centre and colour Chilli works after the Peach. Next to Yael’s work you see a new neckless crocheted with colour Shalegrey – a new pattern I teach in my weekly sessions. I’ll tell you more about it soon. Tova just created her first Angie Bunny and here she started crocheting the Spring Gardener outfit. In the picture above you the first part of the cardigan, made with colour Citron. I guess this is not the only Angie bunny Tova will make. If you like to create your own sweet Angie and family – make sure you get this kit.Remember this lovely beginner lady? look she is starting her first square here. This picture was taken not more than an hour after she started. I was so very very excited with her progress. She is crocheting the Solid square, with colour Sage. She’s using a 2.75 crochet hook. Shirley is a Newcomer, came all the way from South Africa, to live in Israel. Well, guess what? She read about me in a design magazine and she is now taking part on my weekly sessions. Shirley has started her 4 Seasons Chevron blanket using my kit. She loves making it. The colours here are: First stripe is made of Pale blue, second is Foggy, third stripe with Aqua and here she started to work on the forth stripe with colour Framboise. She has also learned how to crochet the Smitten sq. using colour Sand. Salina is working on her Bloom cushion. She is a new student here in the CrochetObjet world but it felt like she was here for ages, from the first minute she stepped in. She started to crochet few weeks ago. More of this blooming work will come in future posts.
One more 4 Seasons Chevron starts with colour Lavender – a sample on the make.Happy busy table. I could take gazillion pictures of it. I am so happy to see these pictures. Hope you’re enjoying it too, and that these pictures will make you feel like you’re here with us.
On the lower part of the above picture Ilana. Y (came all the way from Beer Sheva, in the south of Israel) is starting her first Basket with Heart. I’m teaching her how to crochet with 2 cotton colours together, using a 4 mm crochet hook. I show it in my pattern as well.
Salina is enjoying her colour palette and I can tell you I enjoy it, at least as much as she does. 
Tamar came to this workshop with a box full of these colourful granny squares – this is happiness. She started making them on her last visit here. During this workshop she learns how to ‘join as your go’. She spread them on our living room table since she wanted to tell me a little about her colour story and to ask for my advice. Tamar is a painter and you can easily see it through her work. Each and every square she made is beautifully coloured and the over all look of all of them together – looks like it is a work made by a painter.  Tamar works with colour Sand for the joining.  This is the very first square made by the sweet beginner lady, with colour Sage. We both were very pleased with it. She’ll take the pattern home with her to make more and we will meet when she is ready to learn how to join them. Just a little note here: I only have the solid square pattern, written in Hebrew, at the moment. I plan to write it down in English soon. If you like to start your own Solid sq. project you can follow this lovely pattern by Lucy from Attic24. Colours on the top of the above picture are: from left – Pink’ Sienna, Peach, Festive, Tangerine, Coral & Hot Orange.
A Fun Ripple Scarf on the make, started with colour Umber for the first stripe and colour Sepia is the next.During the workshop, but especially towards its end, the girls can pick up the colours they want take home for their projects. There are 84 different cotton colours in my little cotton shop, plus some more crochet essentials. When the group leaves, each girl gets to take her printed pattern home with her. Most of my girls have a pattern binder for all CrochetObjet patterns. We never say goodbye before we open our calendars and set up our next workshop date.
In the next video (I made with my mobile) you’ll see a 3D view of the workshop space – it’ll give you an idea of the overall workshop set up.Hope this colourful session has inspired you to start your own crochet project or to colour you on going projects. Please share your creations here in a comment or on my FP page. I’ld love to see what you’re busy with now. You can see what I’m busy with, on my IG or FB pages. On my next blog post, I plan to put the Black Jet pattern. A step-by-step FREE pattern. See you soon with more of this crochet goodness, xoxMo