Are you ready for some colour to wash your eyes and refresh your brain? I think this post will be much nicer with less words and more pictures. BUT, because I always have something to say I will add few words (just few) … along the colourful pictures.
1The first step of each workshop preparations is taking my cotton boxes out of my studio and place them on the kitchen island. My workshops are taking place at a nice space in our living room, using the kitchen island, the part facing the living room. All my yarn boxes are making a wall of colourful cotton presentation, facing the living room and our roof top garden. It makes a little yarn shop, for the workshop time. All of these cotton colours are also laid at the workshop table.2Our October’s workshops were involving more than 80 different cotton colours, which are organized by colour groups on each workshop table. The table preparations are one of my most favorite parts. Arranging the table is something I always start at the evening before the workshop. Putting the materials in place for each girl. Nicely and welcoming. Crochet instructions for her chosen pattern is the first step. After all the instructions are on the table, I add crochet hook and scissors for each participant. The next step is placing the cottons by colour groups, which helps the girls make their colour choices easier, while crocheting their pattern. A tea glass and a tiny little plate for cookies, at the side of the pattern. After these main components are set in place, I feel much more relaxed. The rest of the table preparations will be done on the morning after, before the girls arrive.13561918I think the last pictures show perfectly what kind of girls I host here, in my workshops. I told them to prepare few solid squares at home, before they come, so we can learn how to join them together, at our next workshop. Now, when I told them to prepare few, I was thinking of maximum 8 or 10, but look what they made. They came with boxes full of these addictive solid squares. Isn’t that pretty? pretty like you want to jump into this bag and stay there overnight.
2021272526We had many beautiful coloured solid squares to join, that morning. Having this pleasure with a glass of tea and some cookies beside – imagine that. Each of the girls with her own colour choice and colour layout.
1617Meanwhile, at the other side of this space… Just told you, these workshops take place at our living room, which always host some buildings in the work, of our 2 little Minions. Believe me it was much bigger, we had to negotiate the size of this castle with them. We finally met somewhere in the middle (like in every successful negotiation). They left us a small space to walk around. This castle, by the way, is in work since we came back from our London visit. I’ve been told that the inspiration for this building is a mixture of both Buckingham palace and the Natural history museum. Honestly, I think this work is one piece of inspiration by itself, isn’t it?1411So with the castle view on the floor and this cotton colours view on the table….. this is the essence of my crochet workshops.9Back at the table, My rose cushion, a promising start – to be continued…8A new 4 season chevron blanket is on it’s way….24 23We had variety of crochet projects, in work, on our October’s workshops. This is a 2 yarns basket in work.
7 32Joining Marigold squares. the flat embroidered joining method. 47 4142505152One of the girls has started a StarFish blanket. One happy little boy is going to enjoy this blanket soon.  4543444928Love these busy crafty hands, in work, Making kind of magic.403839D came here with this super pretty bag, she made with my GrannyKit cottons. We loved it. she used an old pillow case for it’s inside part.
48She just started her Tapestry basket here at the workshop.123637And yes this lady, this amazing lady came to me few weeks ago, knowing 2-3 crochet stitches, making tones of crocheting mistakes, but she wanted so much to learn. She wanted to crochet, and look what she’s working on now. This lady is such a special soul. Her colour sensitivity made my heart sing. I took gazillion of pictures from her work. Thinking of what she knew about crochet when I first met her…. she just told me, crochet made her happier and I think you can see it through her work. H a Ppi N e S s …. 35That’s it for now, Thank you so much for visiting my little blog corner. Hope you enjoyed washing your eyes with our colourful October’s workshops. We loved it and will meet again during November. We are going to have an Yvonne workshop here next month – can’t wait to see few new born bunnies. Stay tuned as I’m gonna update soon, with new projects I’m working on now. One of them, is a project for my sister’s brand PetitDoris. She just opened a new shop with Sasson Kedem in a beautiful neighborhood here in Tel Aviv. Promise to keep you updated with everything beautiful and inspiring. xoxMo.