It’s a colour update this time. 4 new shades in this nonstop growing GrannyKit cotton collection. I’m always always in a hunt for new exciting colours to add to my cotton line. Never have enough colours for my projects. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, and sure you’ll enjoy this addition. It will take a while till I create a new colour card like the one above, but I wanted to let you know about them so you can start enjoying their beauty. Together with these 4 new shades shown you here, there are now – 83 different cotton colours within the line. Although they are not yet on the colour card, they are available on my Etsy shop. you can add them to your colour choice by leaving me a note while check out.sunnySunny is the new addition in the yellowish section. As you can see it’s a little deepper than the corn and colder than the yellow – yes – it is a cold yellow.tiffanyIt looks like Tiffany is a hard one to photograph. it is deeper and bluer than Matisse, although it’s hard to see it’s depth in the picture. it’s a Tiffany – it stands on the turquoise section, warmer than the turquoise and darker than Matisse.  cobaltThe Cobalt blue is just slightly deepper than the royal, it’s more blueish and it has a little more red in it’s RGB recipe.chiliChili is the older within the new ones. It stands within the reds and the best way to describe it is simply Chili. Hot like Chili, happy like Chili and colourful like Chili.newcol1colheartsHere are the 4 new cotton colours added to my GrannyKit cotton collection. Please feel free to add them to your colour list, while you pickup the choose 10 or any of the “choose your colours” listings at my shop.allcoCan you recognize them within this bunch of colours? withloveMaybe now you can? These 4 are part of the GrannyKit cotton line now and will soon be on a new colour card. Feel free to add them to your lists. I’m so sure you’ll show their magic through your colourful craft projects :: Enjoy :: xoxMo.