In my search for a specific picture in my photo library, I experienced this hilarious feeling, kind of like Alice in Wonderland. I felt like I was getting smaller and smaller, and with so many files left to go through! And at the same time, I found myself getting bigger and BIGGER, as I scrolled through the photos of all these pretty things I’ve made. When did I do all that? I asked myself. It was like taking a ride on my CrochetObjet time machine. I found so many things I’d almost forgot about, and decided that it would be nice to let them shine … give them their moment … by sharing them on here with you! Of course, there are so many more pretty pictures than just these, but I’ll save the rest for another occasion.DSC_6987DSC_6992This is photo I took at my desk more than two years ago. It is my old desk, a wooden plate I found and painted this gorgeous pale blue colour.alice-deskEverything looks so precious on this pale blue colour table!aa-005I truly love working at my desk. My favourite mornings are the ones I spend alone at my desk, indulging in some colourful yarn and hook time. I really don’t need much more than that! This is a lot for me, and these “at-my-desk” times are my most creative hours.
aa-008aa-006I found out that I had quite a few flowers at my desk! These pictures were taken about two years ago, when I was making these girls’ necklaces and flowery hair pins with tiny fabric buttons for a few local shops. I saved some for a craft show I was participating in at the time.
SWEET-PETTIT-003I made these rosy, goldfield earrings about four years ago, for a fundraising event we had here at our kids’ school. After the event, all the girls in our neighborhood were wearing crochet earnings! 🙂
DSC_3775It takes a whole lot of energy — and more hours than I can count — to prepare for a craft fair. I admire my talented friends I’ve met at events like these, many of whom are still participating in these amazing fairs. I found that craft fairs require too much energy on my part — and from my family — so I decided to give them up. Still, I had a lot of fun taking part in these shows and fairs, not to mention the huge amount of sales you get in such shows.
Vintage-cameo-AIMG_7452I still love making jewellery from time to time. It makes me feel right at home, dealing with all these tiny details. I simply love matching up colours and different raw materials: soft materials with metals, matte and shine. These pictures make me want to go digging through my beads again….
צלחת-כפתוריםDSC_877110155254_677197789008267_7126468947567014444_nFabric buttons — I really love making them, but it’s not my job anymore. These were for me by my father-in-law, who has showered me with more love and care than I can express. He is 85 years old, Bless him — he is, and always has been, a huge help in my life. Truly, he’s willing to help with everything I need. And these fabric button necklaces are still one of my greatest successes! My friends and neighbours think they are great birthday presents.
aa-004-(2)aa-002-(2)I love these cotton flowery hair bands, so it only makes sense that I made tons of them.
IMG_8061One-day-at-my-deskPeonies-APeonies — gorgeous! They are so rare here, as the weather is too hot, but when it’s getting cold — and when I manage to find them for a reasonable price — well, let’s just say I experience complete and utter bliss. This picture reminds me that it’s been a long time since we’ve had peonies on our kitchen island.
DSC_3503This photo shows what my workspace looked like back when I was just starting to build my home studio.
pincushionThis was the first pincushion I made, need to write down this pattern.Winterlandcover3A monochrome dishes collection, for plants and jewellery.Round-cushion

These wooly cushions were custom-made for a famous film producer here in Israel. When he and his wife hosted a dinner party for their friends and colleagues, I presented them as a giftUri's-cushionA mini bunting cushion, made for Minion Two. After a few weeks on his bed, we sold it to a sweet lady who was visiting from the US. She wanted it so much that I simply couldn’t resist.
Hili-bagThis tiny bag was a gift I made for sweet Hili, my friend’s youngest daughter. It was stolen by her mother, of course. Don’t ask me what pattern this was — I have absolutely no idea how I made this bag!.Justfound
basketsתחתיות-לכוסותTea coasters, inspired by Catherine’s gorgeous blog, Petite Pimprenelle, I’m so in love with this blog — it’s completely inspired my journey as a crocheter!
cotton-flowersTons of flowers! This picture was taken ages ago. You can see tons and tons of crocheted flowers with fabric buttons, made from GrannyKit cotton. I had a lot of flowers and colours at my desk that day, as I created this assortment of girls’ accessories.. I think it’ll be nice to share this teeny tiny button flower pattern, here, in the future.

Ultimately, I did find the picture I was looking for in my endless photo library, but I think I found a whole lot more there too. I really hope you enjoyed your ride on my CrochetObjet time machine with me. Personally, I very much enjoyed myself, and I thought it would be nice to share the experience with you. I can’t wait to show you my new colour card, which I worked on with my good friend Shirley. Shirley’s a graphic designer, owner of studio Nylon, I love collaborating with her. For this new colour card, we really tried to display all the colours as close to reality as possible. Colour #84 CASSIS, made it onto the new colour card! We hope it’ll be ready in the next few days.

Promise to be back soon with the new colour card and with November’s workshops update!