The NEW GrannyKit cotton full updated colour card is finally here. With 84 cotton colours in the line. Not just here at my desk but also on my Etsy shop, on each and every “choose your colours” item, you’ll find the new colour card to choose from as one of the pictures. This is going to be the catalogue you choose from.
cotblogThe GrannyKit cotton collection had quite a lot of colours even before adding the new ones, and I made few very colourful blankets even before adding these new colours, as you can perfectly see in this picture above. But while working with colours, I always look for the bright new color to join in my palette. Never have enough of them.
cassisAfter adding a few new colours to my nonstop growing cotton collection, it’s about time to make an updated card with all the new colours in it. In the above picture on the bottom right side, you can see the colour Cassis, the last one added. Adding a new colour to the line is not just about choosing the right colour and adding it to the stock; it is updating my Etsy shop and creating a new colour card. Updating a colour card means, I have to find the time for quite a process.
purplespinksFirst of all – Arranging them all together into a new position, finding the right place for the new ones means moving the old arrangement and making a new colour composition. This entire process can take days of thinking and trying and even dreaming about it at nights. Moving colours from one place to another, back and forth. Although it’s a job I did for years (organizing upholstery fabrics and colours into a nice colour catalogue), it is still quite a job to arrange colours in a nice way next to each other and make each and every one of them pop up individually within the entire range.
scarletI can’t tell you how much I enjoy dealing with colors, making these rows and columns. Placing and moving them from one place to another until I hear the right sound of their song. Colours can be very powerful if they sit next to the right partner.
studio2 studio DSC_6574blogI just told you, my mum keeps on telling me that I have to put a sign on my studio door that says: Colour therapy. Colour can do magic to our emotions. I have a strong passion for color ways. I always try to create like families of colors BUT, and there’s always a BUT waiting there, you know when sometimes a color belongs to more than one family? This is the magic. That’s the way colours are.
bluesFor example, you can put blue next to another blue, and clearly see a lot of red in it, while when you put the same blue next to a greenish blue, suddenly a lot of red jumps out of it. So the first thing to do when you arrange colours together, as a collection, is to find the right place for each, the right place within the entire line and, yes, you need to use your instincts.
DSC_6441ABACKGROUND is the next issue. It’s been months since I was looking for a nice background for my next color card. I had many options in mind but still waited for the right one to jump up into my burning hand. Finally, it came. I had this lovely notebook from HEMA, which I bought on our last visit to the Netherlands (my obsession for notebooks is showing its positive side now). Thought these ‘fat’ checked papers would show perfectly as a background for my tiny little crochet cotton circles. But the paper size is too small for my 84 cotton colors. This is excitedly the right moment to call a friend and chat. Shirley’s idea was to flatten the papers and to tape few together and that’s what I just did. Not a fancy method, but I knew I had Shirley to back me up. I just taped a few pages together with this special tape that doesn’t show, and gently laid them, my little crocheted circles, in the right position with precise intervals on top of the surface. At this point, I made many strange jumps and danced joyously, and since I was all alone, I even let out some cheers in delight. Finding the right background can make everything shine, especially cotton and textiles and C o L o U r S.
lightLIGHT, waiting for a great light morning for shooting, was the next step – A dusty sky day could wash my color card with a very sad feel. Unfortunately, we had quite a few dusty sky days here lately. I had to wait for a ‘clear sky’ day and when it came, I placed my camera and my color board, made this special shooting constellation, right next to the window, and took quite a lot of photos. Now my mission was to make sure each colour is as close to reality as possible, not an easy task, though. Actually, it’s almost impossible. Maybe in a professional studio, I guess they know how to do it. But here at my petit home studio, it was just me, my camera, and 84 colors to pop up. I just took so many pictures in so many options within my camera menu until I had it right
finalcardblog79backAfter some very gentle graphic work by Shirley from Nylon (cause no one on earth can do it better than her), we had it right both front and back sides and we sent it out to the printer. It’s always a special day for me, the day I send a new card to the printer.
park park1It’s a bit of a jumpy day for me, jumpy in a nervous way, anxiously waiting to see the actual, real thing come out of the huge printer. So I took myself on a long morning walk to still my stressed movements and jumpy heart, under the huge eucalyptus trees and next to some green grass. That was such a clever idea, as my head was totally in place after 15 minutes in the park with my music. “Here comes the sun” I heard Nina Simone telling me in my earphones, “Here comes the sun little darling, it’s all right….”
DSC_6569On my way back from the park, I drove to the printer and took my treasure with me. It’s here and OHHH I love it L O V E love just LoOvVVVe it. My new 84 cotton colours card is here and not just here on my table but also on each ‘choose your colours’ item in my Etsy shop. I really hope it will help you to choose your cotton colours and make your creative projects richer and colourful. I know for sure this colour variety will grant depth and richness to any craft project.
turqHave to tell you though, the colours are really close to the way they look in reality but still take into consideration that you might find a slight, just a slight difference in a few of them. A few of them were really hard to photo. But be sure, they look much nicer in real life and the touch it super just super perfect. The GrannyKit cotton has a soft handle and is really nice to work with. You can read how I love the feel of this fiber here.
workshopSo what do you think? Isn’t that just the right time for a little colour celebration? We have to celebrate this new colour card, definitely! It’s celebration time!!! So, on Friday, I’ll send my blog subscribers ONLY, an email with a COUPON CODE for 15% off everything in my Etsy shop. I am so sure you’ll make these 84 colors shine through your creative projects.

Thank you so much for being so patient listening to my blah blah colour talk. I can talk colours forever, but the best thing I do is talk through colours. Still a lot of work is waiting at my desk and I have to go work on my next post now. The plan is to share everything colorful, pretty, and inspiring from our November workshops, in my next blog post. We had 2 ‘Yvonne pretty bunny’ meetings here during November and 2 more very colorful workshops that I’m gonna share here with you soon. Share this with your friends, so they can come over and get subscribed to my little blog – and you will enjoy getting my email with the 15% coupon code!! XoxoMo.
P.S. While I was writing these words, I just got a very exciting message. It turns out that picked up my shop as one of the best shops on Etsy in the craft supply category. Could you tell? Really? Me? Goodness!!! Check this out my lovelies, it’s here, right here, all the best ETSY shops in every single category.