My plan was to share November’s workshop about a week ago, BUT with the new 84-colour-card arrival, I had to move this post a week ahead… which means, it’s already December and I am going to take you now back to November. I feel quite good about it actually, as time flies too fast. Before I’ll take you with me to a sea of colourful therapeutic pictures I would like to THANK each and everyone of you, who joined me here in my little blog corner and for those of you who visited my shop for the “15% off celebration” I had last weekend. THANK YOU. All your packages are already on their way to you, hope it will not take long till you are able to hug your cottons package.
Now we have a clean table and we can jump right into everything pretty, inspiring and therapeutic about November’s workshops.
35DSC_65391DSC_6543Every time I start arranging my next workshop, the table, the yarn shop, the entire space, I feel like I’m getting prepared for a little party. These workshops, I host here, around out kitchen table, allow me to do everything I love to. Starting with the table setting and it’s layout, organising my little yarn shop with the colours and these fabric buttons jars and all the accessorise. I love to do all these small scale decorations and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to express myself through this kind of “party planning”.

25Having these creative colourful mornings here, are more than just workshops. These mornings are not just very colourful and inspiring, we also learn new techniques and new stitches, and we have a lot of colour conversations. For most of us the workshop is a place to share ideas and our love for yarns, for crochet and for hand making. Yes we also share some ugly staff like describing the mountains of laundry that grow in each other’s homes. These workshops have their own magic effect, and I’m very pleased about this fact.
10111912203032We had four workshops, During November. The first one was a “My rose cushion” workshop. Crocheting roses with different shades of pink, roses and leaves in a few sizes – creating the bouquet. The cushion framing and the buttons opening is the last part. The girls were happy to create an opening part to their cushion. It’s nice if you need to take out the cushion filling and wash when needed. You can learn everything about it and even make one by following my free tutorials here and here. I have also put this kit in my shop, if you like to create a cotton rose cushion with the same colours as mine.
921A new start of the 4 seasons chevron blanket, this time by an interior designer. It’s fascinating to see how different colour ways for the same pattern can affect its total look and vibe. Check out #4seasonschevron in IG to see many beautiful colour ways and different materials using for the same blanket. The 4 seasons blanket is definitely a one to express colour love and different colour directions.
31This lady called me a week before the workshop and said she wants to crochet just a simple stripe but not the classic granny stripe. She did few granny stripes blankets before and she wanted to crochet a colourful stripy blanket, she was looking for a simple stripe pattern which she can work colours without too much counting and thinking, something not too complicated to work with. I wrote her this very easy going pattern and all she had to do is just think of the colour sequence that she wants to work with and enjoy crocheting. I could easily understand her because sometimes we want to enjoy our hooky time without any counting and without any pattern to follow.


DSC_6282DSC_6552We also had few squares on the table. The basic granny squares and joining as you go. First time for two of November’s girls – always an excitement to see the joy of a beginner. Whenever we have a first time granny making on a workshop table it automatically spreads so much happiness and excitement on all of us. This position of being a granny beginner is a special one and everyone tell her “wait to see what an addiction you are in to, you don’t know how addictive this work is, ect, ect …” I guess you would say the same if you had a granny beginner right next to you.
DSC_6557DSC_6547DSC_65503DSC_6554So we had two granny beginners and we also had this colourful flower square, on the make. If you haven’t tried this one yet I suggest you’ll find the time and have a go on this one. The amount of satisfaction this flower square brings is truly unbelievable. The flower that grows into a square of different colourful layers is just so pretty. You can find this pattern here, if you like to try making one.
15aDSC_6276DSC_6501If you’re still here, then let’s move on to the ‘Yvonne pretty bunny’ workshop. In this bunny workshop, the table setup is a little different. I prepare a bunny kit for each girl in the workshop. This kit is one goody box where you can find everything you need to create Yvonne of yourself. It’s a different table setup concept as in this workshop I don’t put all 84 cotton colours on the table. It wasn’t easy for me at the first time, as colours have a major role in my workshops. But for the bunny workshop it is really better as the girls need some space to open their goodies box.
DSC_6283DSC_6285DSC_6291DSC_6298DSC_6294DSC_6296The Yvonne making is divided into two workshops. At the first meeting we start crocheting the feet and legs. It takes a while. I really want the girls to have the two legs connected when they go home. It’s even better if we have just the beginning of the body crocheted. Crocheting a doll is not an easy brizy project, not at all. It is not for a beginner. Crocheting small details can be time consuming, and since we work Yvonne with a 2.5mm or even 2.25mm hook – every little part can take time to make. You have a lot of details to crochet and to be able to do it you cannot be a beginner
DSC_6487So they go home pretty much with connected legs and just a beginning of body and with a lot of homework to do, before they are back for the second session. While working at home, following my pattern, I create a ‘whatsApp’ group so they can share their progress and get my eyes on it. This ‘whatsApp’ group, I must admit, is a brilliant idea, as it allows me to guide them as they go and make sure they will have all body parts, like ears and head, done right, before our next meeting.
7If one couldn’t find the time to crochet everything needed, before the second session, we will do that together on the next workshop. The goal is to enjoy the process, for me, the doing is even more important than the result itself.
11DSC_64898DSC_6496On our next meeting we connect all parts together. We start with placing the eyes on their right place. We look for both a sweet and smart expression. Placing the eyes on the right place will do that.
DSC_64839Connecting the head and arms to the body, the ears in the right position and most of all you can see in this stage how the girls get connected to their new born bunny. This is hilarious, a really funny moment. When suddenly you hear one of them actually talking to her creation. I know because I did!!! and I’m happy to have more normal people doing not normal things.
524How hard should it be to create such a sweet mess on the table when you crochet a bunny? and how hard should it be to fall in love with this sweet bunny?
1Reaching this moment of taking a group photo is such a bliss. If you feel your heart melt, that’s OK and absolutely normal, as these new born bunnies are so adorable and heart melting. I’m so so proud of my girls, this bunny workshop is a lot of work, but not just hard work. It is actually a lot of fun with quite a few joy moments along the way.
If you start to feel your hand itching at this point… you can make your own ‘Yvonne pretty bunny’ with my pattern. Here you have the English written pattern and here you can get the kit including the pattern.
DSC_6303DSC_6561DSC_6564DSC_656512IMG_20151123_112430If you ever took part in a crochet workshop, you already know that it is very rare to end a few hours workshop with a finished item. No matter how professional you or the teacher are, you need to put time in a crochet work. This is why, when I see just four basic granny squares connected, at the end of a workshop – I’m so grateful and so happy about it. Sometime it can take more than three meetings to finish up a bunny or a bunch of flower squares like the above amazing work. Some ladies will need more one on one sessions between the workshops and some would love to go home and make new things with everything they learned here at the workshop. I just love to see the happiness through their work.
I just love to crochet, I love to make things, always on the make, and I love to teach. I am so thankful for these ladies taking place at my workshops time after time. We are a crocheters community here around my kitchen table, could you tell?
DSC_6544336Thank you my lovelies for joining me here diving with me through all these November’s workshops pictures. Hope you enjoyed the colours and creations I have shared here.
We have Hanukah here at the last 8 days, and kids have a school vacation so I spend much more time at the kitchen than you can imagine. We lit the Menorah every evening and it’s a real family time of the year. I appreciate these family hours, being together with our beloved ones. We have family dinner every evening next to the candles. Sometimes just the five of us but some evenings we are inviting family and friends or being invited – which is less kitchen work for mummy!!!
I really hope to be here soon as I have sooooooo much new crocheted stuff on my hook and I can’t wait sharing it with you. xoxMO