Hello again! so nice to be back at my little blogging corner, after a while. I’m back at my desk again, after our London vaction, with tons of inspiration and creation eager. My Etsy shop is open again. Thank you so much for waiting so patiently, Most of your orders went out yesterday morning and few others will go out tomorrow morning. THANK YOU so much for waiting to my return.
We had really really great time in London, it was like a dream for us. Pictures here can tell how great it was for us.7b3b8bWe found out our kids are the best museum visitors, they loved to spend time in the museums the city offers and it was hard to take them out, even after 8 hours. There are just plenty of awesome museums in London and it’s hard to believe that the admission is FREE.  It amazed me as these huge beautiful, historical buildings are so full of interest, richness, variety and they are kids friendly. We felt like we could stay there for days. When our legs were too heavy we took coffee/orang juice breaks and after a while jumped back to dive in the next section.14b9bThere are plenty of beautiful parks and gardens, where we could take our green breaks from this intensive city. Perfect for a picnic. We absorbed the beautiful landscapes. The parks are so clean and tidy. Luckily, most of our days were sunny and we could spend hours on the green grass, trying to touch a squirrel, feeding the ducks, eating ice cream. Kids were chasing squirrels and I was chasing them trying to feed them fresh vegetables. We always had a bag full of good food, in case we meet a park on our way 🙂 BTW this pretty squirrel picture, that was taken by E, is going to be a surprise when hanged on the wall on top of Minion#3’s bed.10b12b11bBlack and white floors are all over, breaking my heart with their elegant patterns. I took so many pictures of black and white floors, despite my kids complains for stoping them every 2 minutes. Amazing historical patterns and layouts. A  M  A  Z  I  N  G. grafittiWe had a Street Art tour at Shoreditch, east London. If you read this blog for some time, you know how my kids love street art. I wrote about Tel Aviv steet art here and here. We booked this tour, few weeks before we traveled, and it was in Hebrew, which was perfect for my kids. It was such a cool morning, traveling and learning the artist’s secrets and signs, in this hot neighbourhood. We loved it. After the tour ended we stayed in the neighbourhood for fish & chips at a hangar roof top – cool place with a great young atmosphere.camdenCamden town is not any more the same place I remember, though still fun, too crowded in the weekends. My kids said it’s too ‘messy’ for them. I think the best thing in camden today is the food. We had great Indian food. Kids had a delicious pizza. China town was also a great place for food. E loves China town, we had a nice sunny walk through the streets, grabbing some oriental street food buying China town stuff……tube1I think visiting places like Buckingham palace or the Westminster Abbey, were mostly interesting for us, the adults. The kids were mostly asking naive questions about kings and the queen. We were hypnotised by the beauty of the architecture and it’s deep richness. My eyes were running nonstop between the art works and the walls and furnitures and textiles and and and………. just couldn’t get enough of the beauty. Same for Liberty. E just found a nice place to sit with the kids and I dove in and between the floors and sections of this beautiful building. It’s prints and textiles, scents and candles, ceramics and accessorise and MOST of all –  their way of presenting their products, in such a quite gentle way – the best BEST of all!portabelloThe visit in Nothing Hill and the Portabello market was a huge success for me as I found a bunch of rosy vintage plates for a VERY good price as well as a gorgeous THE MOST gorgeous vintage ring with an inlaid Citrine gemstone OH that was my special day of all!!!!!!! Kids were having good seafood with their dad so it was a win win one. I was so thankful for my findings while E and the kids were happy with their nice meal break.
Like all good things, it came to the point where we had to pack and go back home. I think we were all sharing the same thought of how nice it could be, if we could stay just a little longer. but we also missed our sweet home. We spent our last full day at Greenwich, having a picnic and visiting the Meridian line ending with some shopping of course and a Scottish food market we found nearby our tube station. Absolutely pure fun London vacation.
Now we are all back again into our routine, trying hardly to keep the taste of the vacation just a little longer, not letting our hectic routine ‘eating’ it too early 🙂 We finally had some rain here which we were waiting for, a first sign of autumn, though its still too hot.
This week I’m going to have 3 workshops here, fresh English tea will be served with shortbread cookies, tons of fun and crochet adventures. I’ll share pictures from my October’s workshops at my next blog post.
Thank you so much for your nice comments and for using #4seasonschevron hashtag on IG – this is great appreciated, your 4 seasons chevron blankets are beautiful and it’s so great that you share them. Thank you for your nice emails. Just a little note trying to answer all of you at once. The PDF pattern for the 4 seasons chevron blanket is ONLY available here now.
Plus THANK YOU & WELCOME to all my new subscribers, so great to have you here with me, at my little blogging corner. Stay tuned xoxMo.

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