We had the second session of the bunny workshop this morning :: the girls came with boxes full of work they did at home :: there’s a lot to see in the pictures :: it was so joyful and creative it jumps out of each picture :: the girls finished their own bunnies and we ended up with few more Yvonne bunnies modelling for us at the end of the workshop :: we also had 2 new Yvonne beginners so you’ll see new legs created within the pictures :: fun :: fun :: Tons of fun ::


With fresh cherries on the table and Brioche :: DSC_3852A DSC_3859A

With new eyes set in place :: DSC_3861A DSC_3863A

With grapes and cookies and fresh herbs tea :: DSC_3864A DSC_3866A DSC_3867A DSC_3869A DSC_3871A

With pompom tail set right in place :: DSC_3873A DSC_3875A DSC_3877A DSC_3878A DSC_3883A

With new bunny legs in work :: DSC_3884A DSC_3885A DSC_3886A DSC_3887A DSC_3891A

With a lot of mess on the table :: love this messy table we had by the end of the meeting :: DSC_3895A DSC_3896A

With few new bunnies :: sure they are all top models :: they just went out of the hairdresser :: DSC_3899A

With new born in hands :: Look at this hug :: I’m speechless :: I almost melted when I saw this hug ::

With cute bunny talk :: They are standing there saying things one to each other :: not sure what they are talking about :: It was one successful morning :: thank you so much girls for coming :: I think the next step is to open my Yvonne Pinterest board so you’ll be able to pin your oun Yvonne in there as well :: and YES the kit and the PDF pattern will be at the shop in the next few days :: I’ll keep you posted :: enjoy your weekends and your craftime :: xoxMo