Yvonne pretty bunny kit is finally on the shelf at my Etsy shop :: I am so thankful for your patience and so excited with your comments on my IG and FB pages really :: Now let me explain what is this kit and what is in this eco-friendly recycled box :: come closer open it with me :: and yes by the way it was one of the most important things for me to have it all packed in an eco-friendly box ::

Come closer :: open it with me :: can you feel this silky paper ? :: softly hugging it together ::

Everything you need to make your own bunny is laying there :: waiting for your crafty hands ::DSC_3835FDSC_3837AB2

4 balls of Granny Kit cotton :: will make the body parts :: the dress :: the shoes :: a bag full of stuffing material :: tapestry needles :: fabric button for dress :: 2 small black eyes :: pretty pearl head sewing pin box :: safety pins to mark your rnds :: white acrylic yarn to make a pompom tail :: and ohhhhhhhh yes the PATTERN :: A crochet US terms English written pattern :: KitEE1A step by step :: very detailed :: DIY PDF pattern :: easy to follow :: with many close up pictures along the written instructions to make it easier for you with the details :: It is written so you will crochet your bunny exactly like I crochet mine ::bunny-bo

It’s been a while that I’ve been writing crochet tutorials and I’m quite happy with this one as it is not an easy process writing a bunny pattern :: but hey :: I did it and I have 2 bunny workshops behind me so I know it works :: I’m sure you’d love to come to one of my bunny workshops :: but since I know that most of you are too far away to come over and join our crochet meetings  :: I made this kit for you :: this kit is full with this creative energy we have here in our crochet workshops :: it is made so you will enjoy your bunny making time :: you will be able to create your own Yvonne pretty bunny :: you’ll love it ::

She is so adorable :: actually she is a top model :: well experienced :: flirting with the camera ::  but that doesn’t say she forget her craftime O no :: she is a yarn addict ::

DSC_3328A7aASo happy the kit is finaly at the shop :: there are only 20 of these carefully arranged crafty kits :: hope to have more of them in the near future :: please let me know if you need more information regarding the kit or the bunny making :: For more pictures of her modelling or more of the Kit, visit her Pinterest board :: and you could also find more about it within the bunny workshop posts here and here :: I know you’ll love making this pretty bunny :: Yvonne :: and once again THANK YOU so much for all your beautiful comments :: xoxMo