We had such a great workshop yesterday morning :: I’ve put all pictures together for you here :: take a look and please forgive me I couldn’t stop myself from putting so many of them :: they make me happy and I thought it might make your day happy as well :: It was like the 10th workshop or even 12th for few of the girls :: but we also had one fresh beginner with us and look how amazing she did her first blue royal granny square :: this is soooooo exciting :: enjoy :: DSC_3786A DSC_3796A DSC_3799A DSC_3801ADSC_3807A

A very first granny square S made ::
DSC_3808ADSC_3787A DSC_3810A DSC_3814A DSC_3815A DSC_3817ADSC_3789שׁDSC_3790A DSC_3819A

The Starfish and the Marigold squares in work ::
DSC_3820AIt was definitely a morning full of crochet and colours and as always fun girls talk with so much good creation energy :: The only thing I miss here is the messy table we have at the end of the workshop :: Have to take a picture of this at the next workshop :: Thank you girls for coming :: Thank you my far away followers for all your beautiful comments on my IG and FB wish you could join us :: What would you choose to crochet if you were here with us? :: Classic granny squares? Starfish? Marigold? :: mmmm just wondering :: While you take a moment to think of your crochet chiose I’ll go take some pictures of the Yvonne kit :: The light is just perfect for photo shooting today :: More updates soon :: Mo