We make Bono Bunnies for charity on both Monday’s and KnitNite and we hope they will soon reach those little hearts that survived the brutal attack by Hamas on October 7th. It’s already been more than a month of war days here in Israel and it’s not getting any easier. The opposite is true. Our lives turned upside down in so many levels. Thinking of the babies and kids that are kept in Gaza, by terrorists. Thinking of those who survived. SO many of them lost their parents.

In these horrifying days, I find myself drawn into hours of housework, doing silly little things around the house. I spend hours cooking, organising, mothering and knitting. Lots and lots of hours of knitting. Much more than ever before. I think we all strive for anthing that will help us cope.bono bunnyWe make Bono Bunnies, both on the Monday, on the KnitNite crocheters and by myself. We all follow the Bono Bunny charity pattern and plan to send them out once we are all ready with the bunnies we make. I added a Bunny Alber to our donation pile.

Last month I shared a post on Instagram in which I asked if anyone could help us pass our Bono bunnies to those little hands. After sharing my post I received a few massages back with people that we can contact when we are ready.

bono bunny charity making bono bunny making bono bunny making We still make soft Bono Bunnies here, using different yarns and they come out so adorable. I share more details about the wool we used on this week’s episode on YouTube. You can also join the giving if you like simply by purchasing the Bono Bunny charity pattern. ALL revenue from this bunny pattern will be donated to the Brothers in arms organization. Eyal and myself decided to donate all the revenue and not just the profits because we feel this is the right thing to do in such days. The pattern is also available on Ravelry.

bono bunny patternI placed the bunnies we made on the Stripes & Colors blanket because I have another little something to share with you today. Since the war began, you contacted me asking when will I have cotton blanket kits available again. SO I have some news for you today. I just added a few kits to Etsy and hopefully will be able to send them out during the next week. 

Shipping might take a little longer than usual because of the war days routine so please bear this in mind. I also want to announce that I have limited quantities and I am not sure when and if at all will be the next time I carry cotton for sale in my Etsy shop

On Wednesday I shared a new episode on YouTube.  Just like in my previous videos I shared my personal update from the war and I totally understand it, if you feel this content is not for you. Thank you so much if you choose to stick around. I hope these war days will go out of our life soon. But until then this will be included in what I share as a content creator.

We try to create a ‘war days routine’ that will help us keep sane. There is a lot more knitting time included in my war routine. I shared all my makings in the new episode.

I am very thankful for the heart warming comments you left on my previous episodes. I read them all! Sometimes I read them loudly for my family simply because they feel like a huge hug. I just don’t have the time and energy to reply to each and everyone but I appreciate you for taking the time to watch my videos and for commenting.

We will continue making Bunnies. The Bono Bunny charity pattern is available here and here. Thank you for helping us reaching a significant donation from our small CrochetObjet knitting community. I beleive that together we can make a difference. Yours as always, xxMo