The Wild Daisy granny square pattern is here!!!​ T​his new crochet pattern from CrochetObjet is now available on Etsy and there’s a YouTube video tutorial that goes hand in hand with it as well. I can’t tell you enough how I wanted to make it happen before we leave​ for our family trip adventure. Uploading both the pattern and the video tutorial were the two last things on my to-do list before I dip dive into the packing. SO happy they are both available now. The new pattern is now also included it in the 10% HOLIDAY TRIP SALE. You can shop the pattern here and watch the new video here. But if you like please stay with me for a short read about all the Wild Daisy creative details. 

I designed the ​Wild Daisy Granny Square​ back in Summer 2021 as part of my collaboration with mYak fibers. It is not new that I’m in love with their yarns and that it was love from the first touch. Wild Daisy Granny SquareIt was one of a few projects I developed using the mYak yarns that was originally designed for a blanket idea I had in mind. But then came the Shinjuku scarf pattern and workshops and deadlines, which took all my attention. This is how it usually goes in a designer’s life and sometimes it’s not bad to have a deadline set to​ get you out of a research and development state.

The first time I shared Wild Daisy square was on Granny Square Day 2021 and it got so much love. Some of you have asked if it’s gonna be a written pattern. But it was still a work in progress because I was still holding the blanket idea close to my heart. Wild Daisy Granny SquareThen before I knew it, Granny Square Day 2022 came. I was and still am so in love with the Wild Daisy square.  It was the inspiration for some of the granny squares I shared on on GSD 22. On the last few weeks I was busy writing down the pattern and creating a video tutorial that is shared for free on my YouTube channel. Yesterday I uploaded the new pattern to my Etsy shop and a few days earlier uploaded the video to YouTube. I’m so happy to have this new pattern added into the CrochetObjet pattern list and I hope you will enjoy it. Wild Daisy Granny SquareBefore you grab your crochet hook and jump into the Wild Daisy making, here’s some information you might want to know.


It’s a seven rounds granny square. I made it using four different colours but I can easily see it made with only one or two colours for more of a classic chic. I added a little picot stitch at the center to create a floral detail and I made a video tutorial to support you on this part of the making. You will then crochet Daisy petals that are made out of a popcorn stitch. Then you will turn the flower into a square keeping the popcorn stitches in the corners which will form an X shape from the center towards the corners. Wild Daisy Granny SquareSo when you join the Wild Daisy squares together, they create a beautifully shaped ‘meeting point’ of popcorn leaves and a LOVELY heart melting X shape. Wild Daisy Granny SquareI AM SO IN LOVE with this ‘meeting point’ detail.


Wild Daisy Granny SquareThis is a step by step pattern and this time I haven’t included as many pictures as always. BUT I did include some video tutorials to help you along with the making. This shouldn’t be your first crochet project though and you have to be familiar with the basic crochet stitches.


Wild Daisy Granny SquareMy original Wild Daisy square is about 8.5 cm / 3.35″. If you use different yarn size you’ll get different square size. Can’t wait to see how it comes out with different yarns. Pleeeease share your pictures on instagram and tag @CrochetObjet.


The name I chose for this granny square is the name of the yarns used for the Daisy petals. The Wild Daisy square as seen here is crocheted with mYak fibers yarns as follows:  

  •  50% B.Yak 50% Silk in colour Ananda. This is a Fingering weight yarn and it works on rnds 1-3. You will need approx. 2 meters.
  • 100% wool, Tibetan Cloud in col Wild Daisy. A Sport – DK weight yarn and it works on rnd 4 – approx. 3.5 meters
  •  50% B.Yak 50% Silk in col Savitri. This one is also a Fingering weight yarn and it works on rnd 5 – approx. 5 meters
  • 50% B.Yak 50% Organic Cotton in col Samana. This is also a Fingering weight yarn and it works on rnds 6-7 – approx. 10 meter

You can use any yarn you like. Get creative with yarns you have in stash or with any yarn you like.


In my original Wild Daisy square I used a 3 mm crochet hook. However, if you work with a different yarn size, check the hook size that the yarn calls for.

Wild Daisy video tutorial

Earlier this week I uploaded a short video tutorial where I show how to crochet rounds 2 and 3 including a tutorial for the picot stitch. I hope you will find it helpful. Please let me know if you want to see more videos on the Wild Daisy square pattern. I would love to hear your thoughts.

This is more or less everything you need to know before you dive in. More info is shared on the item description on Etsy. I will add this pattern to Ravelry soon.

One more thing before I’m logging off. I just want to remind you that there will still be yarn packs and kits available in my Etsy shop during my absence. They will be available as PRE ORDER items though. These kits and yarn packs are in stock and they are actually packed and ready to be sent. They will be sent to you when we are back from vacation, mid October. Everything in the shop is updated with a 10% off Holiday Trip Sale until October 16th. I hope you’ll make the most of this special offer.

Now I can get myself into the job of packing for five people, for a long trip. I still haven’t made up my mind on what knitting and crochet projects will travel with me. There are a few options, we shall see. I will do my best to keep you posted on social whenever I can. I love sharing my adventures with you. Thank you so much as always for supporting my creative journey. xxMo