I have just updated my Etsy shop with a 10% off holiday trip sale and I wanted you to be the first to know. The Jewish holidays are just around the corner and my local studio will be closed for almost a month during the holidays. Therefore, I will not be able to pack and send physical orders. Usually I remove all kits and yarn packs from the shop while I’m away. This time I thought I’ll try something different and here are the details.

We will be away on a family trip to the US during the Jewish holidays for a late Bar Mitzvah trip. Our bookworm guy is already 14 YO now. This trip was planned to take place in 2020 but had to be postponed due to Covid. Given that this year the holidays ended up mostly on working days and E will not be missing too many working days, we though it’s a good idea to go on a long trip.

Holiday trip saleFor me it means no weeklies and closing my local studio (thankfully our next door neighbors will come in to water the greenery). But patterns will still be available on both Etsy and Ravelry. This time physical items will ALSO be available and here’s how it will work:
  • First I updated a 10% off on everything on my Etsy shop till we are back. My Holiday trip sale is available Sep 16th – Oct 15th.
  • Second, all the yarn packs / kits that are in stock at the moment will be available as Pre Order. That way you can place your order and make sure you have the pack that you like. I’ll pack and ship it to you when we are back, mid October. Orders that will be placed up till September 21st, will be sent before we leave on the 23rd.

So I hope you will enjoy my holiday sale trip and will make the most out of it. Kits and yarn packs are available in limited quantities in CrochetObjet. After all I own a small business and there is no big company or supplier to back up my creative making. I am very thankful for you for making my patterns and for each and every order.

On our holiday trip we will be visiting a few national parks and places with very limited ​internet ​​access. We are very happy about it but on the other hand I will not always be able to reply to your Etsy convos and email as quickly as usual. I will do my best to get back to you asap though. Thank you so much for your understanding. 

Holiday trip saleSock knitting is usually my go-to project while traveling. This time there are a few projects that I think I will take with me. This pair of socks that I knit for Minion #2 calls for my attention. He loves the first pair I knitted for him and will be happy to have another. If the weather gets cold on our holiday trip he’ll be very happy to have them.
Holiday trip saleThis is a new sock pattern that I plan to publish when we are back but I want to knit another pair to add a few changes in the design. I just winded up a new skein of sock yarn so I can take it with me and knit it with the little changes that I want to make. I will share pictures on social media whenever I can so you can stay updated with my progress if you like.

sock knitting

Last Saturday I spent some time rearranging my socks basket. It was about time. My hand knitted sock pile is getting bigger and bigger and needs a new home. Every time that a new knitter visits my studio this pile gets a lot of attention and gets very messy. It is safe to say now, I’m a sock knitter. I truly LOVE to knit socks and very very happy I came to a point where I have my own sock patterns published. Rearranging my sock pile made me ridiculously happy.Holiday trip saleIt was a quiet Saturday morning. Kids were still in bed and this sourdough bread was in the oven filling our home with a gorgeous bread backing smell. Hello from my happy place.

Holiday trip sale

Earlier this week I cast on the Sophie scarf by PetitKnit. It’s an easy breezy knit and I use the softest Cashmere by Cardiff. I purchased it in Au Fill des Montagnes on our visit to Chamonix last year without even knowing what am I going to knit with it. This yarn felt so soft in my hands that I just had to take it home with me. This scarf pattern knits very fast and might get off the needles this weekend. I also cast on a little swatch to check a stripy combination with two different yarns I have in stash. Maybe another holiday trip project. We shall see. I haven’t decided yet what crochet project to take with me but there are a few candidates.

This week I finished my Cumulus Tee which might be traveling with me as well. I gave it a good steam and wore it on the same day to show it off on our knit night. Yesterday I finally had the time to sock it in water and wool wash and now it lays flat for a proper blocking.

Holiday trip saleYesterday I was busy recording and editing a new ‘short and sweet’ video tutorial to go along with my next crochet pattern. ​I hope to be publishing my Wild Daisy Granny Square pattern soon. I know some of you are waiting patiently for it to be available. It’s almost ready and I hope to be able to publish it AND upload a video tutorial to my YouTube channel before we leave. Fingers crossed. And thank you SO much for watching my videos it means the world to me!

holidays trip saleLook at me I just came here to update you about the holiday trip sale and ​eventually found myself rumbling around sharing all sorts of things. ​​I spent almost the entire morning in my studio. The most quiet and lovely Friday morning spent here with you. I have my cup of coffee beside me and didn’t even notice the hours passing by. This blog became longer and longer. It’s not my fault though. My camera roll just took over and made this blog post longer than what I originally planned. How thankful I am for having this little blog corner. OK guys, hope you enjoy todays blog reading and that you’ll make the most out of this 10% off Holiday trip sale. Can’t tell you enough how excited we are with our upcoming family adventure. Thank you so much for your support, xxMo