I’m so excited to say that he Shinjuku scarf crochet pattern is now available. I just updated a 15% off on my new pattern (on Etsy) to create a little Shinjuku welcome party for the entire weekend which I hope you’ll enjoy. No code needed and this special offer ends on Monday midnight Jerusalem time. To be honest, I didn’t plan to publish a new pattern week after week. I thought I would have a simple and casual weekly chat with you here today but not everything can be well planned in a maker’s life. So just like last week, this week’s blog is also a new pattern announcement AND a new video tutorial.


Last Saturday we had the second Shinjuku scarf zoom workshop with mYak Fibers. I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed it. What can I do? I just love teaching and seeing people learning and successfully making my designs through the zoom screen. It just makes me ridiculously happy.Shinjuku scarf crochet patternI really appreciate having those creative projects and zoom classes with mYak Fibers. Their wool is a dream to work with and I feel like I get to work with high end materials which I’m very thankful for. On top of that, I feel that working with Paola is like working with a good old friend. I’m so grateful for that. So Paola if you read these lines I send you a huge thank you and a big hug.


And now that the workshops are over it’s time to introduce the Shinjuku scarf pattern to the world and let you enjoy this crochet project as well. So are you ready for my new pattern introduction? Promise to also embed some behind-the-scenes stories within all the technical details so you get some fun stuff along with sizes measurements and gauge.Shinjuku scarf crochet pattern••

If you don’t feel like reading the details and you want to jump right into the making then you can find all the relevant details on the pattern PDF file. Find the Shinjuku scarf crochet pattern on Ravelry and Etsy. On Etsy you’ll get a special introductory 15% off

Shinjuku scarfShinjuku scarf crochet pattern

Back in 2019 we visited Japan which was a dream of mine for years, ever since I discovered the textile – fiber soul in me. Shinjuku was one of the first places we visited after landing in Tokyo. It was clear to all, I was blown away from the visuals, smells, noises, the streets, the people and the special energy of this crazy place. I was SO inspired and could totally feel seeds of creative ideas planted.Shinjuku scarf crochet pattern


Shinjuku is a fascinating neighbourhood in Tokyo, Japan, where the old meets the new, tradition meets innovation and simplicity is captured in a clutter of intricate details; where somehow your vision feels focused and yet blurry at the same time. The Shinjuku scarf is inspired by it all. Made out of 165 flowers that create the lovely sculptured design through the negative space. You will start by crocheting the center of the main flowers and once you have them all ready, you’ll crochet the petals round joining as you go. Once the flowers are joined, you’ll attach the Wild Daisy flowers to their spots. To finish it up, you will frame your scarf and add some fringe details. 

level & video tutorial

I created a step-by-step pattern with visual charts and pictures to make it easier for you to follow. Even if you are a beginner. You should be familiar with the basic crochet stitches. Two days ago I have uploaded this video tutorials to my YouTube channel where I’ve been showing how to attach the Wild Daisy flowers to the crochet scarf.


Finished scarf size: Length: 164 cm / 64.5″ including fringes. Width: 23 cm / 9″


First I’ll share exactly what I used in my Shinjuku scarf and then I’ll explain what you can use if you want to use different yarn. Shinjuku scarf crochet patternIn my original scarf I used the mYak Shinjuku kit which includes:

  • Kupa – this is a  50% Baby Yak, 50% Organic cotton Fingering wool. 116m/ 127 yrd 25g. Colours used are Lasya, Rosa and Sarasvati.
  • Tibetan Cloud, light DK 100% wool. 300 m/ 328 yrd, 100g in the colour Wild Daisy.

Here’s an approximate amounts that you will need of each colour:

  • 50% B.Yak 50% Organic Cotton, KUPA. MC – LASYA  (450 m / 490 y), CC1 – ROSA (350 m / 380 y), CC2 – SARASVATI  (116 m / 127 y)
  • 100% wool, Tibetan Cloud, (light DK wool). CC3 – WILD DAISY (40 m / 44 y)


So, as you can see you will need mostly a fingering weight yarn in 3 colours ​for the main flowers of the Shinjuku scarf. ​​And just a little bit of light DK wool to crochet the Wild Daisy flowers. ​Any yarn will work and I’m saying that because I’m so SO sure you can play around with different yarns and different colours. I can’t wait to see your Shinjuku scarf variations.  ​Shinjuku scarf crochet patternIn the above picture you see Sigal, a beloved KNITNITE star modelling the Shinjuku scarf.

Suggested hook size

I tried a few different hook sizes because I wanted to create a lacy negative space between the flowers. Eventually I used a 3 mm crochet hook and that’s what I recommend in the pattern.


Gauge was a tricky one to measure but it’s 23 chain sts  = 4″ / 10 cm measured on the KUPA yarn with a 3mm crochet hook. It’s not very easy to measure gauge on this project. But I can tell you that the size of one main flower is approx 4.5 cm by 4.5 cm.Shinjuku scarf patternNotions 

  • Removable stitch markers, tapestry needle.
  • a pair of crafty scissors.
  • blocking tools.  


And this ​is pretty much all you need to know before jumping right into the Shinjuku scarf crochet pattern making. Which is not just a fun crochet project but a unique piece to have. If I may say so myself.​ The pattern will be available for 15% off for the weekend. Ends on Monday 23rd midnight Jerusalem time. ​No code needed. I thought it’s a nice way to celebrate this special pattern release. I really appreciate your patience. Hope you’ll enjoy it and I can’t wait for you to start making your Shinjuku scarf. xxMo