These 10 things made my week. I mean made my week happy and filled it with joy. Simple joy, the kind that I like the most and hopefully will send some inspiration your way. Or at least will provide you a little visual read to enjoy. And I’ll start at the end of last week if you don’t mind…

1. Sourdough backing

Last Saturday I baked my go-to sourdough recipe which is​:​ half white flour and half mixture of whole wheat /whole rye flour. This mixture is a winner and it takes less than 15 minutes after I say ‘it’s ready’ till it​’​s gone. And as you can imagine, I am (still) totally in love with the scoring part. It provides yet another outlet to my creative soul and my nesting personality.

And it goes just perfectly with a home made pesto and a goat cheese on a Saturday brunch. I am so lucky that my kids appreciate home-made clean food. Not that they don’t like to eat junk and cheap sweets but at least in some way balanced. Or at least I can think that way. YAY for balanced family eating hobbits. This is the first on the 10 things that made my week. Checkout this video where Downshiftology shares her pesto recipe.

2. The Jacaranda trees

We call them ‘Sigalon’, which comes from the word purple in Hebrew. These 10 things made my weekYears ago, when we came to check the apartment we live in, before signing the contract, it was the Sigalon pick season. The entire neighborhood was filled with these Purple leaves, just like in the picture. We only had one kid back then but it made me so happy to imagine my kids walking the path on their way to school under those beautiful trees. Yesterday I winded up this La bien Aimee hand dyed wool and look at this colour match magic. Can’t wait to cast on a new pair of socks with this gorgeous ‘Sigalon like’ colour.

3. This guy is 12

This cute little guy celebrated 12 this week. These 10 things made my weekAnd he chooses this home-made cheese cake 12 years in a row which I usually prepare the day before. This time I added a little too much of those crumbs on the top. After all this is the part that he likes the most. ​He was ​SO ​happy to have a slice first thing in that morning.

4. Knitting and crochet weeklies

This week I had three knitting and crochet groups. The Monday morning club, Tuesday morning club and the Tuesday knit night club. These 10 things made my weekI do my best to take pictures of the WIPs on the table, on each of these creative meetings. I usually share them on my IG and FB accounts at the same day so you can enjoy. This week I missed sharing the knit night pictures though. As you can see we are all deep into the sock knitting addiction. A new Stripes & Colours blanket moment is captured on the top left. And a new Chunky Benji wears a Raglan sweater. Note: this Chunky Benji is made out of a light DK wool and that’s why this sweater pattern could fit him.

•••These 10 things made my week

A Love Garden blanket WIP. And if you are not new here you know how special this blanket is for me. Read the story here. Unfortunately I am still not at the phase where I can go back and read the story again. It will take time I guess. This blanket is a mixture of the Flower Sq. pattern that goes along with a few FREE patterns shared here on my blog.

5. Nina bag

The Nina bag pattern is a star here on our weekly meetings as well as on my Ravelry and Etsy stores. THANK YOU!!!These 10 things made my weekThese 10 things made my weekThank you SO much from the bottom of my heart! It fills my heart each and every time you choose this pattern. And when you pair it with the Chamomile & Sage pattern it makes my heart even sing. Thank you! In the picture above you can see the raffia version of the Nina bag. With or without Chamomile flowers added and I just love them both SO much. Actually I want to make myself a Black raffia Nina bag.  The Hot Orange one is visiting the Biennale in Venice these days and if you ask me it’s a piece of art by itself.

6. These working handsThese 10 things made my week

I have nothing special to add here. I simply admire those busy crafty working hands.

7. YouTube tutorial

Well I just can’t believe I made this one onto the ’10 things made my week’ list but I did. On Sunday morning I recorded my new YouTube tutorials and believe it or not at the end of the day it was edited. It’s a new Shinjuku Scarf video where I teach how to crochet the main flowers and join them as you go. This video is made to go along with the pattern. And I know some of you were waiting for it.
You can watch it and see how it works. It’s actually VERY simple and easy to make. I hope you will find my videos helpful. Please if you enjoy, don’t forget to give them the thumbs up and PLEASE subscribe to my channel. It will help me a lot.

8. Golden hour knitting10 things

This week I enjoyed a magical ‘golden hour knitting’ in my studio. It was so quiet and calming. I had a podcast playing in the background and I made progress on my new cabled raglan which was neglected lately. Hope to get it out of the needles this weekend so I can share a photo of the finished sweater. I also cast on a new pair of socks for my 14 yo who fell in love with hand knitted socks. These are my go-to sock needles and I use a MAD|TOSH​ twist light sock wool ordered from ​the lovely ​Loop London. Our favorite shop whatsoever.

9. Clean eating

I have all the hopes in the world to keep on my low carb diet and clean eating lifestyle. So far so good as my meals contain lots of leafy greens Avocado and extra virgin olive oil. I keep my fingers crossed because next week we will be visiting Rome to celebrate my mother in law’s 80st birthdays. I will pray to the god of pizza and spaghetti to help me choose all the OTHER Italian foods on the menu and help me keep my clean eating on the 10 things that made my week list. I’ll keep you posted on this one. On IG stories. (of course).


So please note that next week, when we are away there will only be digital items available in my Etsy shop. Please be ​patient because it might take me a little longer to answer your emails and Etsy conversations. Thank you for your understanding.

10. Etsy reviews

This one: Out of all those 10 things that made my week, THIS one!
These 10 things made my week

I want to cry out of happiness, gratefulness, joyfulness. THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much. xxMo