Before I jump right into the Over The Moon BLUE combos, I want to thank you all for the lovely words and reactions you sent my way after publishing the GREENS version. THANK YOU!!! It’s been so uplifting to read your comments and DM’s and to pack your GREEN orders. Your packages are now on their way to you. I’m so grateful . A few of you have asked if I can offer a BLUE version to my Over The Moon blanket and that’s what I’ll share here today. You also had some lovely ideas and questions related to size and colour and I will respond to some of them here as well.


Over The Moon BLUE combosOver the past week, on days when I wasn’t teaching, I played with my Granny Kit cotton colours to find a lovely Blue version for you guys. I’m trying to keep myself in a balanced daily routine and I found it very calming to spent some time surrounded by my cotton colours, trying to find the right Blue combos. Over The Moon BLUE combos The power of colour played it’s therapy magic on me again. The pictures above show parts of the cotton boxes wall in my studio. As you can see they provide the immediate colour stories options. Feel free to use these pictures to guide you colouring your future projects. But here are the three Over The Moon BLUE combos I was thinking of.

Blue combo #1

This colour-way will create the same feel of the GREENS yarn pack but in BLUES. Over The Moon BLUE combosThe Background colour is Navy and the Circles will be made with (left to right): SeaFoam, Matisse, Turquoise, Teal, Alice and Cadet. The final framing round will be made using Teal. Here’s a picture of the GREENS version to remind you the colour story. It might help you imagine how it would look in the actual blanket. the greens version

Blue combo #2

In this option I kept the same colour balance as in the original Over The Moon blanket.Over The Moon BLUE combos The circles will be made using colour Alice and Navy for the background. In this option the final framing round will also be made with Alice. And of course you can switch between the two and make the Circles with Navy and use Alice for the background. Ohhh, I like this VERY much.

Blue combo #3

OK so here’s the story behind this version. When I first shared pictures of the finished Over The Moon blanket, a close friend of mine said: wow I really love this dark Navy colour in the circles. OK, I was laughing at first but then explained to her that this is not Navy, the circles are made with Jet Black. But at the very same moment I was thinking: What a great idea. So here is the Navy Blue circles version, with the same Shale Grey colour, used in my original blanket, for the background. Here as well you could switch between the two if you like.


I could go on and play with it forever because there are so many beautiful options… but these are the three combos I came up with for now and I hope you like them as much as I do. So if you like one of these combos and want to get started, here’s what you do: You contact me via Etsy convo telling me which combo # you liked and I will send you a link to the relevant pack. ** As for now ** all the colours I offered you here are in stock. YEY! Can’t wait to see your BLUES Over The Moon versions.Over The Moon BLUE combos


There are so many other ​options that will make a ​​beautiful ​Blue ​or Blue and Green combo. So many, really. This blanket pattern is perfect for playing with different colour combinations. It’s like a plain paper waiting for your ideas. Please checkout the Granny Kit cotton colour card and if you have another combo in mind, just contact me via Etsy convo. Or leave me a comment here and I’ll give you my input and check availability for you.


A few of you asked me on Etsy if 2 Over The Moon yarn packes can make a double size blanket. SO the answer here is: not double but almost double. If you purchase 2 Over The Moon yarn packs, it will make an almost double size blanket. You’ll have to add a few more balls of the background colour to your package so you have enough yarn for the framing rounds. In this case I suggest that you contact me via Etsy convo so I can add it to your package before you place your order. 

Changing colour in the yarn pack

In general, there’s no problem with changing colour/s in each of the yarn packs I offer in Etsy. Please just check with me that the colour you want is in stock. The best way to do that is talk with me via Etsy convo. 


nina bagIt’s been a while that I want to share a sneak peek of a new bag pattern that I’m working on. I designed it so you can add your personal touch to it, if you like. I think I crocheted it in just one evening. It flew out of my hands as if it was already a written pattern. I added some Chamomile flowers & Sage leaves onto the front to see how it’ll work and I just LOVE it.nina bagI’ve been busy lately, writing down a proper pattern for you. I crocheted it using wool I received from the lovely people at mYak. It’s made out of 3 strands of Tibetan Cloud held together. I used the colour Wild Daisy and a 5 mm crochet hook. You can crochet this bag using ANY yarn you wish to work with. This is a fun and easy project.


As I shared just a few weeks ago, I seem to be in a very creative chapter lately. Oh yeah, with ups and downs given everything that’s happening on our planet and on my little tiny patch. But all in all I’m into a very creative phase for quite a while. I feel SO inspired. It’s really exciting and keeps me awake and happy. I have so many new ideas but my brain and body are in need for some rest. (This can be also related to the fact that I’m following a low carb diet, which keeps my energy levels relatively high). I try hard to find a balanced daily routine and limit my over doing self. Not sure I found it yet. But I’m trying to keep this creativity and to make the most out of it without crossing the line of daily productivity.


Sock knitting is one of those relaxing activities. I love to end my day with some knitting or crochet simply because it gives my brain a little rest. socks for UriOn Monday evening I finished this pair and weaved in the ends on Tuesday after our knit night. I made this pair for Uri, our 14 yo clever boy. This guy is a serious bookworm and I know he will enjoy his reading time wearing his hand knitted socks. He was So happy when I called him to tell him they were ready. He came out of his room and put them on his feet immediately. It’s just that the weather here is starting to get warmer. He will enjoy them next year though. Socks knitting is so relaxing. My basic sock pattern is in a massive use here in the CrochetObjet knitting studio. I hope to publish it in English one day. Would you like me to? let me know.


On Wednesday evening I co a new knitting project which I enjoyed knitting with my coffee this morning. mori raglan A few years ago I knitted myself a cotton raglan sweater following a book by Elizabeth Zimmermann
‘knitting without tears’. A book in which she gives the basics and easy to follow directions for knitting a garment. I though I would knit myself another raglan, using the DUO yarn by SANDNESGARN which is a 55% wool, 45% cotton. Suitable for the local climate. I just started it so it’s a very early stage. Not sure how will this turn out. we shell see. I’ll share the progress. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy your weekend my lovely blog readers. Thank you for joining me here, xxMo


This cute ceramic bunny stitch marker was purchased last autumn, when we visited Chamonix mont blanc. In a beautiful wool shop Au fil des montagnes. I purchaced a bunch of them to bring back to gift my lovely weekly knitters. We all love the little things more than everything.