It’s officially Spring here in our little patch. You can see and feel it in every corner. The Moran on our balcony garden blooms my heart away and I have a new Spring raglan on the needles. This blog post is coming to you from pretty hot weather, which is actually the end of the first heat wave of this Spring. Typical Israeli Spring.

It's SpringYesterday morning, before writing this blog, I went out to run some errands. Even though it was a little too warm and hazy, I decided to walk and not to use the car. Ended up with a long trip that lasted much longer than planned just because I stopped to take photos of the bloom that accompanied my walk. It's SpringBlame the bloom. It’s just everywhere at the moment and it’s SO beautiful. It’s officially Spring. Those kumquats where too high to reach but not too high for a picture.

The Israeli Spring is a mixture of some perfect clear days and some dusty heat waves. It’s a VERY short season. Too short and if you blink you can miss it out. So I had to give it its moment even though I had so much to do that morning. Spring time feeds my creativity and gratitude.

On the creativity side of this season

the nina bagI haven’t made a lot of progress in my new crochet bag pattern this week so it waits for me in the same place I left it last week. Maybe it was because I had three knitting and crochet groups this week? As much as I love pattern writing I need to be in ‘the zone’ for it. And it just didn’t happen this week. But it has a name. The Nina Bag. I hope I’ll get it done soon, because I want to add some spring flowers on top of it.

Spring Knitting

I made some progress on my new raglan sweater though. I spent hours knitting on Saturday and during the entire week. After teaching I usually look for some relaxing ‘me time’ and this WIP is the perfect partner.

A few years ago after reading this book and this excellent blog by Fringe, I decided to try to knit myself a raglan. It was the first sweater I knitted and it was knitted using my Granny Kit cotton colour Jet. I made a swatch, did the math and started knitting. It was a lovely journey in which I learned so much about the structure of a top down raglan sweater. And here is the result. The Mo Raglan

I think you can see in the picture that it’s a well loved garment. If you are not new here you know I’m a very tidy person. As such, I keep quite a minimalist closet. I am always happy to give away clothes that I haven’t worn for a while. This shirt though is one of those staples that I keep and constantly use. I love to wear it on top of dresses or with a jeans. With or without a shirt underneath, depending on the temperatures. On my notes I called it The MoRaglan.

spring knittingit's springMy new raglan WIP tends to be pretty much the same in shape, maybe just a little more Spring influenced. As I shared last week, I use DUO by SANDNES GARN. A cotton / wool blend which feels amazing against my sensitive skin. We use this yarn quite often here in out knitting and crochet groups not just because it’s a good match for our local weather but also because it’s so soft and not too wooly.

After knitting a gauge swatch (with a 3.5 mm hook) I realized my gauge came out a little different then in the original Black raglan. So I had to recalculate the whole thing. This time I decided to have 4 stitches in each raglan seam. After knitting my way into the yoke, just when it was time to add a new ball of yarn, I thought: Hold on, why not add a little 2×2 cable onto those 4 raglan sts? So on Saturday afternoon I started it all over. it's springI wasn’t sure how it would work with the raglan increases but I was determined to give it a try. It’s a very subtle cable detail and I LOVE it! It’s Spring. So so suitable for those Spring vibes and such a lovely knit. Let’s see how it turns out. Passover is just a week ahead and I hope to have a little more knitting time during the holidays. I will share my progress with you, as I go.

Our balcony garden has it’s spring moment as well. spring balcony it's spring spring time

Spring news from CrochetObjet knitting

Slowly and gradually I build my Ravelry patterns shop, so you will have the option to purchase my patterns in Ravelry, using PayPal and have it added to your library. I will tell you more about it… I add patterns to the new Raverly store one by one. Whenever I have a moment to upload all the information. It’s a lot of work but I work it step by step. I am not that good with this platform but thankfully I have the help and support form Anya. She also has a Ravelry shop and she’s more familiar with the details. Luckily she is so kind to help me whenever I get stucked. Anya is a talented crochet designer, if you haven’t seen her work, checkout her lovely IG account @anushka_knitting_and_crochet. Thank you Anya <3

You might have already noticed that there’s a new ‘buy me a coffee’ button added to the blog. It took me a few years but I finally added it thanks to a few beloved people around me. The most credit goes to a lovely and very special lady, a participant in one of my knitting groups that became a textile lover friend. She showed me a few samples of blogs and newsletters she follows and pushed me to add one to my blog as well. Writing down a blog post usually takes a few hours. I really love to share my creative journey, the story behind it and my everyday life. I love to inspire and I’m thankful for having you here with me. If you enjoy reading my blog and if you would like to Buy Me A Coffee to help support my blog writing – the button is below.

its spring walkYesterday afternoon, after finishing writing most of this blog post, E and myself made it to the beach. We had a lovely sunset barefoot beach walk, which we both needed. I let the salty water wash my feet and clean my mind. When we where back home I added this picture I took while at the beach to my post. Hope this spring beach picture send a breath of fresh slaty air your way. xxMo