Over the last few years I get asked if I could share my tutorials of one technique or another in crochet / knitting. Yesterday I finally uploaded the Crochet Solid Square Video Tutorial to my YouTube channel, which is by far the most requested one so far.

So first, thank you for being so patient. It took me ages, I know. Secondly, thank you millions for telling me over and over again that you want MY tutorials because every time I was asked, I recommend for so many available written and video tutorials. There are so many of them already out there. I usually send at least one link for a relevant tutorial. But you almost always reply with a ‘Thank you for the link but I want to see how YOU make it’. HUOOh this is too much for my little fragile heart, seriously? me? Thank you guys! I really appreciate it and can’t thank you enough for that. But I can try give you what you’ve been asking for…
Crochet Solid Square Video TutorialWell this week was more or less a ‘getting back to my routine’. With 3 full weeklies. And when I say full I mean full groups (all vaccinated with masks on) not even one chair empty and each lady came with tons of projects. After almost a month of the Jewish holidays plus our France vacation, it created a little bottleneck on the CrochetObjet activities and tasks. Now imagine me running around the table, sitting with each of the LOVELY knitters. Teaching, showing new techniques and giving my advice.

It was so busy here during this week’s meetings that on Wednesday when a friend called to ask if I wanted to join her for a late lunch in TLV I said YES without a blink. No joke, I really needed it.

Yesterday morning, after my tidy up routine, when our home finally looked as a Shinto Temple. All tidied up, one laundry load hanged and another one in the dryer, lunch was ready and my busy mind got back to it’s calming situ. I went into my studio to start my working day. I asked Eyal to move his never ending virtual meetings into the living room and set down to record my Crochet Solid Square Video Tutorial.

The recording went really smoothly, the light was great, but the editing, OMG it took hours. So it was pretty late evening when I finally uploaded the video but it’s there! And yes it included an upload, deleting (because of some sort of sound issues) and uploading again. But it’s finally here and I’m very happy with it.

There are a lot of excellent Crochet Solid Square Video Tutorials out there on YouTube already. In my video I share my version. Not that it’s an exceptional innovation but it’s my way to crochet a solid granny square. And it’s also something you have requested for a long time.
Crochet Solid Square Video Tutorial
Crochet Solid Square Video TutorialYears ago, on August 2015, I created a step by step written pattern, in Hebrew, that we have used here in my studio during the years and now you have me teaching you with my new video and my ‘not so bad’ English ;). Above you can see pictures from my Hebrew written pattern.

Crochet Solid Square Video Tutorial

I started the video by showing my way for ‘magic loop’, which I hope you’ll like but I also included an option without a magic loop for those of you who don’t like it. I included the way I crochet the last round, with a seamless edge to finish the round. The reason I don’t like to finish my Solid squares with a sl st is because it ‘hurts’ the last stitch and it doesn’t look good enough while joining. So I included the invisible join for a seamless edge which I shared on my new video as well. I also included a ‘weave in the tails’ section at the end so you don’t feel left alone for this part. I know it’s important for you to see that part of the job.

This video was made to help you even if you are an absolute beginner. Oh and one more thing. If you are new to my blog or YouTube channel, welcome and thanks for joining me here. I’m a left handed crocheter and a right handed knitter but after years of teaching mainly right handed people I can tell you what I discovered. It’s a miracle but our brain builds in a way that automatically makes the shift from right to left. So, please don’t feel it’s not for you because you’re right handed. Absolutely not! Give it a try and come learn with me.

Crochet Solid square is one of the projects that is always fun to come back to. During the years I’ve thought, there have always been a Solid square project on the table. It’s a basic crochet pattern that once you try it you fall in love with. I think the simplicity of it is heart melting. And when you join them all and see the corner spaces being turned into long diagonal lines, ohhh this moment! Over the last few months I am busy developing and designing a new pattern which includes some Solid squares. Unfortunately I can’t share it with you at the moment but I did share a glimpse of it in my new video.

For my crochet Solid square video tutorial I used the GrannyKit cotton in col. Rose and a 3 mm crochet hook. I just recently discovered these Tulip tapestry needles which I enjoy using. And btw thank you so much for your immediate reaction for the cotton yarn packs PRE ORDERS. All your colorful orders will be packed and shipped in the next 2-3 weeks. Looking forward to seeing your CrochetObjet blankets on the making.

So, this is it for today, PLEASE if you enjoy my video give it the thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you haven’t already. Let me know if there’s any specific videos that you like to see on my channel in the future, I’m here for that. xxMo