It is a pure coincidence that on the same week that I posted a ‘crochet blanket’ related video, was also the week I discovered Haptic & hue’s podcasts on Spotify. I could quote quite a few sentences, from her podcasts, that would fit in with what I feel and refer to handmade textiles. Some of them, I feel missing in my latest blanket-y video.
The idea of uploading a video of me speaking and explaining everything about the Stripes & Colours crochet blanket, was in my head for months. This week I finally made it.
I designed this blanket back on the summer of 2017. Since then it was crocheted by so many crocheters from all over the world. As well as here in my studio. Providing hours of joy for many people ever since I published the pattern. I wanted to make a video describing the making process. stripes and colours crochet blanketDid I feel comfortable sitting in front of the camera and speaking to you with my poor English? Did I plan the content of the film in an orderly fashion and make a list of topics? Was I able to articulate all the points I wanted to? The answers are No, No and No. But despite all this, yesterday I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, where I sit in front of a camera, to explain everything related to my Stripes & Colours crochet blanket.
At the end of the day the video contains a great deal of technical information regarding the making of the Stripes & Colours crochet blanket. I go step by step through the pattern. Because I think it can help you understand the structure of the blanket and the combination of the various stitches. You can be sure you have everything you need to know when you feel ready to start this project. Whether you want to use my Stripes & Colours crochet blanket kit or you want to go with any other yarn you prefer to work with. it would all work perfectly fine. In this case you will only need the pattern.

Yesterday morning after uploaded my latest video, I was left with the feeling that I missed an opportunity. The opportunity to talk about the most meaningful story of making a handmade blanket. So, I will try to add some of what I thought the video was missing, in today’s blog post. Some of what was mentioned at Haptic & hue’s and which are so fit in with what I feel and refer to handmade blankets.
In her podcasts, Jo Andrew, a hand weaver, talks about how textiles speak to us and the impact it has on our lives. When she said that handmade textiles are love-infused objects, I felt like she is speaking out of my mouth.
stripes and colours crochet blanket

For me a crochet blanket or any hand made blanket is a story telling object. It is made not just to please the eye. If you visit me here I guess you are not new to crochet. You already know how much time it takes to crochet a blanket.

The process of blanket making is all about love and creative energy. Whether we meant it or not it will be filled with this energy for years to come. Blanket making is not just about the meditating stitching activity. It’s also the memories it holds during the years being used. A crochet blanket holds your love as a maker but also the love in the family and the family stories. Which makes it a story telling object. Read the Love Garden garden blanket
Making a hand made textile is creating a ‘long living filled with love’ object. It means the world to me to be able to offer blankets patterns that create textiles that will last. When you create a hand made blanket it might last longer than what is being offered to us in shops.
This was the little something I felt needed to be a part of this week’s video. I hope it puts some light on why we enjoy our hand made textiles for years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to add up a few lines to go along with my latest video. My little blog corner is much less stressful than sitting in front of a camera. Here I can think, write, delete, correct, add or subtract.
Make sure you checkout Haptic & hue’s for more textile tales because there is so much important and interesting information regarding textiles and fibers waiting for you there. Leave me a comment, let me know if you find it interesting as much as I did. I would love to hear what’s other interesting podcasts you can recommend on. Our beach-walks are the perfect time for me to listen to podcasts.
If by any chance you feel like making your own Stripes & Colours crochet blanket, there are still a few more kits left in my Etsy shop as well as the pattern.
Thank you so much for reading, xxMo