There’s something truly exciting in receiving so much of your love during this Spring sale days. If you are not a new follower you already know that there are not that many CrochetObjet knitting sales during the year. There are a few main reasons why:
  • Cotton prices are getting higher and higher every year. It makes it very difficult for me to offer sale prices.
  • There is a constant shortage of good quality cotton supply in the world. That means that there’s always something out of stock in my Granny Kit cotton collection.
  • Last – as a small business owner I keep small quantities of kits and Yarn packs in stock. I don’t have the ability to keep large inventory.

But, whenever I do run a sale on my Etsy shop it surprises me how fast you react and how much love you show to my designs and cotton packs. THANK YOU!! Really so so so thankful for you all.

spring sale days
These Spring sale days are a mixture of VERY hard work folded in a VERY happy heart. Packing all your colourful cotton orders while embraced in love from you guys, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for taking the time to write me. I read all your e mails, Etsy notes and your comments to the blog here. I try to answer back to each and everyone of you. You made me realize how much you love the Cotton Crochet Blanket projects. Each time I hear this special ring on my phone, telling me a new order was placed, it makes my heart jump out of joy. You are AMAZING. So many Cotton crochet blanket kits and yarn packs were packed this week. Maybe it’s the time for a new cotton blanket journey?
spring knitting
Given that I have my weeklies every Monday and Tuesday, I had to handle the spring sale packing in the rest of the week along with a few more Crochrtobjet knitting chores. Thanks God for those weeklies, they keep my normal routine rolling what so ever. Believe it or not, I even managed to finish the Kitchener stitch on my second Jelly Rolls sock + weave in all the tails + blocking. Now I need to be lucky and get some low temperatures so I can actually put these beauties on my feet.
OH yes I love to share Time-Lapse videos of me packing, on my IG stories. It’s just because I want to make you feel like we are packing your orders together on my little CrochetObjet corner.
Luckily we managed to make it to the point where most of your orders are packed and sent. Every day during the past week, E went to the post, early in the morning, with a huge pile of packages. You will soon receive a happy CrochetObjet knitting package from me and I can’t wait for you to open them. You can follow your package using the TRK#’s sent to you via Etsy.
spring sale days
Stock levels got lower and lower in just a few days. Some of the kits were out of stock within just a few hours. YOU ARE AMAZING. I know some of you couldn’t make it on time for the Spring sale days. So, I hope it’ll make you happy to know that I have just added a few more Stripes & Colours kits to my Etsy shop. The kit includes 24 Cotton balls + a printed copy of the pattern.
It’s funny because I can’t really point a specific best seller for this Spring sale. You loved all of my cotton crochet and knitting blankets equally. We received more or less the same amount of orders for each. Hopefully these kits and yarn packs will soon provide you with some happy making moment as much as they provided me, when I made them. And that you and your loved ones will enjoy being snuggled in them once ready.
Thank you guys, for making me SO happily busy during these Spring sale days. It was so busy here in the past week therefore I couldn’t find the time to upload a new video to my YouTube channel. The sale is still running. Ends today, April 30th at midnight – Jerusalem time. There are still a few more kits and yarn packs available with 15% off Spring Sale, along with all my crochet and knitting blanket patterns.
Now, I am more than ready to enjoy the coming weekend with a heart filled with gladness. We made it to the sea and had a beautiful sunset barefoot walking just after completing this post yesterday evening. THANK YOU so much for your warm words. Welcome to ALL my new lovely followers. Feeling grateful xxMo
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