The current events in my homeland left me heart broken and I find myself seeking for comfort in the smallest things that keep me sane during insane days. The current situation in Israel is well known to everyone I guess. What we have been going through in the recent days is nothing less than an ongoing horror. All of us. All the human beings who live here together experience difficult days. We all seek calmness. We all pray for better days.

♥ Flowers arrangement

Fortunately, I have my little blog corner where I can share those comforting things that keep me sane during insane days. Find a little bit of escapism, such as this little bouquet from our balcony garden. I placed it on the studio table next to the Chamomile bouquet, to create a welcome arrangement for you, my blog followers. Thank you so much for visiting here.Keep me sane during insane days
keep me sane during insane days

♥ Gardening

The minute I step out to the balcony the Greenery makes me calm with zero effort. These little Australian violet flowers under the Feijoa tree take my breath away. I can spend hours absorbing leaves and flowers, cutting dry branches, picking up falling leaves. Do you also find gardening therapeutic?

Keep me sane during insane days♥ Sourdough

Feeding my sourdough starter first thing in the morning and leave it to ferment. The whole process of sourdough making helps me keep a normal routine. Or at least feel like. Folding sourdough between missile alarms keeps me sane.

♥ Infused water

Drinking a lot during the day so I can keep myself awake and functioning when there is a missile alarm in the middle of the night. Usually if I add some herbs like Luisa it encourages me to drink more.

knitting and crochet♥ Knitting and crochet

My knitting and crochet projects are always open and ready, so I can pick them up and make some progress even when I only have a minute. Knitting and crochet is my happy place no matter what. These days I find a lot of comfort holding my needles and this is a major ‘things that keep me sane during insane days’. I’m so lucky to have it in my life, it’s daily meditation.

♥ Family joy

Hearing our eldest inviting her young brother to sleep with her because she has noticed he feels insecure sleeping in his room on his own. I could literally feel my heart blows out. Our youngest is only 11 years old. It’s horrifying to get up, out of a loud missile alarm in the middle of the night. But you know what? It’s not very easy to fall asleep again after the danger is over because your body and mind still hold so much stress. Therefore it’s better if you get back into bad with someone to hug. The 13.5 yo stays awake all night and hugs his history books. He is a real history kind of freak.

Keep me sane during insane days♥ Energy boost

More Green sanity. Drinking this green smoothie which contains a variety of nutrients. E and myself drink it usually around noon time as our first meal of the day. It took me time to create the perfect green smoothie that will be both tasty and healthy. It keeps me sane to have it next to me at my desk when I try to work during these insane days.

keep me sane during insane days♥ My studio

My peaceful studio keeps me sane during insane days. From here I manage my Etsy shop, packing your orders, recording my YouTube videos, writing blog posts, hosing my weekly groups, winding yarns and more of this good GOOD stuff.

♥ Keep sane PLEASE

A few days ago, I shared a video showing the sky full of bombs flying above us. The most terrifying thing. Within seconds after I posted the picture, the comments started to flow. Dozens of comments became hundreds. Mostly warm words, sending prayers and hugs and asking me to keep safe. But within the comments there were a few that were too hard for me to read and I didn’t want my kids to read so we all decided together that I should turn comments off on this picture.Keep me sane during insane days

♥ Everybody is welcome here

This blog, as well as CrochetObjet knitting on social media, is were I share everything related to crochet, knitting, colours, family, gardening, sourdough, lifestyle inspiration etc. This place has nothing to do with politics or anything related, and I would like to keep it this way. EVERYONE is welcome here. Each and EVERYONE!!! Please if you feel like writing down a comment, first thank you for taking the time to write me a comment, BUT PLEASE keep it clean and please DO NOT use any hard words because this is not the place for it. I have a small sensitive heart and I am not in the strongest mental position at the moment. It will be greatly appreciated if you can leave the political argument out of this little corner.

♥ Thank you

For all of you who sent love and caring words my way. I read your words with tears. Thank you, xxMo