Do you know this feeling of having something new that feels like it was there for years? This is pretty much how it feels like with our new studio. On one hand it feels like it’s been here for ages but on the other hand it feels very NEW and exciting. All the family is getting used to having this new piece added to our home. A few days ago I discussed this strange feeling with E. We both agreed that we should have made it years ago, but now that we have it both of us feel like it’s always been here.

New Studio Moments

Ever since we returned from Japan, classes are being held in the new studio. Even though it still requires some additional work and doesn’t have all the ‘right’ furnitures yet. I still carry chairs from the kitchen table to the new studio before very lesson but that’s totally fine with me. No rush, we will make it one step at a time.

Monday girls are busy working on their on-going project, enjoying the new space. Same projects on a new IKEA table. Feels like it has always been here. Smitten squares made of Cameo, waiting to be joined. Dotted ray by Stephan West. The Lily squares cotton colours smile to my camera. Happy Mondays like always, held in the new space.Most of my students were totally involved in the making and they all felt part of the new studio building project. Last Friday I had my ‘Friday club’ class, for the first time in the new space. They stepped in so excited. Looking around observing the ultimate day light and atmosphere. My heart was missing a beat, really.
It was a cast on meeting. We started knitting my new Yoyogi Sweater pattern, named after the first neighborhood we visited in Tokyo. We use a Cotton Merino bland from Knitting for Olive. One of the girls used Granny Kit cotton colour Spicy. Hope to share more about this delicate sweater in the future.

The girls were busy knitting when I heard one of them say quietly, “This place has good energies, I could stay here forever”. That was a VERY HAPPY new studio moment.

Knit Nite

My students have been asking for Knit Nights for a while. I also wished to have them here but before having the new studio it was quite complex. On Wednesday evening we had our first ‘knit Nite’ ever. Soooo so so exciting. Now that I don’t use the kitchen table for my classes, any more, I can host weekly evening classes without interrupting my fam. All is running normal at home, while we enjoy a knit-Nite. And we enjoyed it indeed. We had such a great evening. We had Benji’s sweater and some Lain magazines on our table, with coffee and tea and a sweet girls chat and pink chocolate.

Oh and the light was perfect for evening stitching. I was so worried about it. We had a lot of discussions about the right light while planning the new studio and eventually It came out just super utterly lightened up.

New Studio Feelings

Being a working-at-home mom for years, made me spend hours and sometimes full days at home. I’m always here. For the good and for the bad moments. Always here for my 3 kids, for laundry, for meals, for any issue that comes up. Having my new studio built on our back balcony, at a separate space, which is just a little isolated, where I can close the door and ‘go to work’ allows me my working space in and out of home at the same time. I feel so lucky with my new CrochetObjet studio. It feels like it’s been here for ages. New studio feelings filled my heart.