The Smitten Border Pattern will be published on my Etsy shop this Friday. I’m very excited to add this new crochet pattern to my little CrochetObjet shop F i n a lly !! and I really hope you’ll like it. I knew from the first moment that it’s gonna take me ages to write it down properly but here it is.

The Smitten Border Pattern

This is a very detailed step-by-step crochet pattern. The Smitten border made out of a variety of stitches in different combinations, ending with a small picot detail along the edge. You know me already, I need details and it’s not making my life easy when it comes to pattern writing. But I’ve still kept it simple and wrote it clearly. I created an easy to follow pattern, with pictures along. And what about you? You just have to be familiar with the basics of crochet and you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Plus I put some detailed explanations for special techniques. This Smitten border pattern provides hours of crochet pleasure.

Border Research & Development

It took me ages to write down the pattern just as it took quite a journey to create the Smitten Border.Smitten border research

I designed this lace-y border for my blanket right after I finished joining my squares. It took a few trials till I found the one that floats my boat. I was looking for a wide and rich border, but on the other hand not too heavy one. I wanted a border that continues the elegant and vintage appearance of the squares and will keep the whole feel of this unique crochet piece. After a long research I had it. I found what I wanted. When I finally started crocheting my Smitten Border, I had the most enjoyable hours of crochet. The best part of the work.

The Joy Of Border makingSmitten border makingcrochet border patternsmitten border pattern

So, what do you think? I really hope you find it inspiring. Here is some important info you will need to know before starting your Smitten Journey.

Smitten Blanket

My blanket is made out of 35 (5 x 7) Smitten squares. I designed the border to fit my blanket. But it can easily be added as a border on any other blanket. If you use it on a different project, you might need to recalculate the first rounds before starting.


Square size: 7.6″ / 19.5 x 19.5 cm’. Weight: aproxx 35 gr’.
Smitten Blanket size: 50 x 67 inch / 128 cm x 170 cm’. My blanket is made of 5 x 7 squares framed by the Smitten border.
Smitten Border width: 4.3 inch / 11cm’

Smitten Blanket Yarn PackSmitten yarn pack

In addition to the pattern, I added the Smitten Blanket yarn pack to my Etsy shop.
In the yarn pack you will get 36 Granny kit cotton balls in the colour Sand. If you like to make your Smitten blanket with another colour (like many of my students did) – choose any other colour from my cotton card. Leave a note to seller with the colour you wish to have, while checkout.
The Smitten border is made out of aproxx 10.5 Granny Kit cotton balls.
In case you are not going to use the Smitten Yarn Pack: You will need – 36 balls (50 gr’ each) of a Sport weight 4 ply cotton. OR use any other yarn you like for your project.
smiten border patternCoupon code for subscribers

The border pattern will be published this Friday (May 31st) on my Etsy shop. As a blog subscriber you’ll get an email with a coupon code for a special introductory price. Make sure to check out your mail box, for CrochetObjet mail, because I don’t want you to miss it.This is everything you need to know before jumping into your Smitten journey: Smitten Square pattern, Joining Smitten Squares, Smitten Border Pattern, andย  The Yarn Pack.

So, I hope your fingers are itching and that your Smitten journey is getting closer. I really hope I made it all clear and organized so you can start whenever you’re ready, But if you have questions so far, please ask!

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