This is really exciting, there is a > > G I V E A W A Y << winner announcement, a ‘shop on vacation update’ and a new travel project bag, all to be shared on this post. Where should I start ???


Shop update first. On this vacation I decided (after a lot of thinking), to leave my Etsy shop open with patterns only. Kits and Granny Kit cotton will not be available till I’m back. You can still purchase patterns, which are digital files. I will have all my patterns files with me on my e-mail so if you have any problems with the automatic downloads (which rarely happens), you can always e-mail me and I’ll send it to you right away. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting my little Etsy shop.


Giveaway WINNER announcement are you ready??? It makes me so happy to give away the Love Garden sample piece. This piece was made while I was writing down my Love Garden tutorials which includes: The Love Garden Square, The Love Garden Joining & The Love Garden Edging and Blocking. This is a small piece of infinite love filled with optimism. I can easily see a cushion made out of it, and so many other nice options. This small piece of Love Garden is 50 X 36 cm’. I am so thrilled and excited to send it to: here is a winner announcement coming……And the WINNER is: Carrie Fisher – YUHOO. Thank you so much for the nice comment you left on my Love Garden Edging And Blocking tutorial and THANK YOU for joining in this giveaway. Please let me know if you received my e-mail and if not please just send me an e-mail. I’ll need your full address so I can pack it in one of those sweet bunny bags and send it to you, before we’re of on vacation. Thank you everyone who joined in on this GIVEAWAY – thank you for all the nice comments you left on my Love Garden blog posts. I promise there will be more of those giveaways in the future which you might win. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to send this piece of ‘love for my mom’ to one of you.


My new travel project bag I was thinking of what projects to take with me to our vacation. I had some options in mind but I wasn’t sure in what bag will I put them. We have a long flight to Vietnam plus some domestic flights plus some very long car drives, and I might also like to crochet or knit in many other opportunities . So, I plan to take some yarns and hooks, of course, and I have to have a bag to carry them. I was about to order myself one of Bookhou’s lovely bags, but it was a little tricky with the shipping timetable. It was very spontaneous and I started making myself one. I had no idea what will it look like. The one and only thing I knew for sure was that it will be made out of stripes & cotton. I didn’t have a clue of what size or shape it would take. I started to crochet a flat round, using Loft colour and a 2.5 mm hook. A simple round that started from 6 sc’s into a magic lp, increasing in every round to make it bigger. As you can see in the right picture above, it started to curl a little as the rounds grew bigger so I had to tell myself the ‘Don’t Panic’ words. I blocked it and oops – Magic happened, it was all flat again and I was happy enough to continue. I just worked endless rounds of sc’s, alternating Loft and Shale Grey Granny Kit cotton colours. The more it grew bigger the more I liked it and I could clearly see what was it going to look like.Early morning crochet time and I’m just about to finish my new stripe-y freind. LOVE is in the air.I found a removable strap from another bag, which I thought would be nice on my new traveling project bag. I created these side holes to which the clips could be easily attached and there you go. On the final round I used Cassis colour to sl st in each st around. This obsession for details is kicking off again. What say you? Is it my new Travel Project Bag? YES it is and I’m very happy with it, with it’s shape, size, colour and with the way it looks when I wear it. It’s exactly what I was looking for and what I needed for this trip to Vietnam. I haven’t blocked it yet and I’m not sure it’s really necessary but I’ll decide later on that one. Now in case you wonder what project(s) I’m gonna take with me. Up to this moment I’m thinking of: 1. another pair of socks from Jane’s book. 2. Sand cotton for Smitten squares making – I plan to share my Smitten edging pattern when I’m back. 3. More Sand colour and yarn oddments for Benji/ Angie / soft animal making. It might change 3 million times till we’re off but this is it for now. Plus I take my hooks and needles organizer (made by my forever loved mom) with me. And yes a tiny tin box for bear eyes and stitch markers.My travel project bag is ready to go. A little stuffed, but more is more when you need to fill in your hands and soul with yarns and hooks/needles. I prefer it stuffed than short of supply. So, that’s it for today. I’ll go pack now, there are still a few things that I want to do before we leave. I will try to post beautiful things from our trip in Vietnam whenever wifi is available. Thank you for visiting me here and once again thank you for all your nice comments. xxxMo