YA, we’ve been doing some sock knitting here. And this is pair #14 for me, believe it or not. A while ago, I’ve ordered a few copies of ‘Lazy Sunday’ socks book, by Jane Burns. I discovered Jane Burns while browsing the Instagram and I just fell in love with her patterns. 10 copies of her lovely book arrived here the other day and they made some workshop girls VERY happy. There are 5 simply indulgent beaded socks to knit in this book and we have planed to start with the first one on our next meeting. I started knitting mine just a few days before our upcoming meeting. Accidentally I discovered I have the very same sock wool from Eden Cottage Yarns, as Jane used for her first pattern in the book and you can imagine how this event made me SOOOO happy. I put it on my knitting umbrella and winded it up onto my wool winder and I was ready to go. I wanted to make my first trials with the beads before my upcoming workshops. It’s not that complicated to use beads while knitting I have to say, though it’s something you have to stop your knitting rhythm to do and get very concentrated for the beading moment if you don’t want your yarn to split. The pattern is very easy to follow and on the last pages of her book, Jane gives a very clear and simple explanation of how to place the beads.  When the workshop started the girls were all so happy to start their own first beaded sock. It was such a delightful morning. I have to say this first beaded sock and this sock workshop were just after my mom passed away and it helped me so much on my first steps to try and put myself back on track. My workshop girls have became part of my life and they all are a source of happiness for me and I’m very grateful for that. I hope to share more of these finished pairs on future posts.I was enjoying my sock knitting breaks during the past few weeks and I even used this pair to be a model while I was photo shooting my new project bags to list on my Etsy shop. It wasn’t out of the blue of course, this cotton bunny bag was the one that carried this woolly project. My sock knitting needle case, made by my beloved mom is a pleasure to work with. I take it out and about with me as a little portable studio. My mom was so clever to make such a case for me. She made some for my first sock group – each one of the girls that has one of these feels so lucky to own such a perfect needles organizer.About two weeks ago, my 14th pair was off the needles and on my legs for this silly dance I do every time I finish another pair of hand knitted socks. This yarn was a pleasure to work with and feels incredibly soft on the skin. Even though it was mid August when I finished them, I couldn’t resist wearing them right away, and enjoy this loveliness. It was air conditioned here so don’t worry guys, I had to wear them. Look at those tiny little sparkles. I am SO in love.Yesterday morning I washed them and blocked them for the first time and now they’re even softer and smell like mmmmm delicious. Blocked and ready for this picture.I love the way the beads sparkle out of this woolly texture.
So, together with the pair I knitted for E, I have knitted 14 pairs by now. Fourteen pairs means Twenty Eight hand knitted socks indeed. Go me! My socks basket is starting to get a little too crowded, don’t you think so? I might find another one on our up coming visit to Vietnam (can’t wait). For those of you who asked me, I knit my socks using short circular needles, I find Addi sock wonder/ Easy knit  super perfect for me. I also use 15 c”m DPN’s in some parts as I learned from Christine Perry in her Super Socks book. How do you knit your socks? what needles do you use? I am really thrilled to be a sock knitter, it’s a dream. Thank you for joining my sock journey, hope you enjoy. I love sharing this journey, you can read more of it here. xxxMo

P.S This is NOT a sponsored post, I just share my sock journey and Jane’s book is part of it as well as Eden Cottage Sock Yarn.

P.S.S My Etsy shop will be offering patterns only Sep. 4th – Sep. 26 due to a family vacation.