Spring time is a VERY short season here in Israel and we try to make the best of it in any aspect we can. The fact that all these colourful flowers will disappear in about two or three weeks makes us want to go out and about more often than what we usually do (always with some carried yarn-y project bag). Spring time also brings both E and my mothers birthdays. E’s mom and my mom celebrate their birthdays one day apart. So, there was so much going on here since I last posted and so much that I want to share… As I go through the pictures, I find it very hard to choose what will stay out of this post – I want to share all the beautiful things with you and to make your visit here a happy one. So, go get yourself a cup of, lay back and enjoy this spring journey and some colourful inspiration it brings in. The weekend before the last one, we went to HaMeginim forest, nearby Jerusalem, for a spring day out. We were three families and we had a perfect day trip and a spring picnic. The weather was just perfect for a little walk with the kids and the forest was colourfully painted green and flowers, and all this beauty is just 30 minutes driving from our home. The ground was covered with these Cyclamens and we could hardly find a place to spread our picnic blankets without hurting any flower.Eventually we found a spot and had a picnic lunch together surrounded by these Cyclamens. You can imagine me, I took out my spring project and my Granny Kit cotton, at the moment the blankets were on the ground. I was SO waiting for this minute when I could sit at this spring landscape, breath some fresh air, sip some coffee and crochet my little ‘Hexies to be’. And so I did. As you can see above, this spring picnic was where I started to crochet the third round of my Spring Hexagons, using Berry colour. I enjoyed every single moment of making this round surrounded by spring nature. The little girls were very excited about my Spring project and so were my friends. Made me feel so happy. It was such a blissful Spring day with such a relaxed atmosphere.  By the time we were home, I had a bag full of these little three-rounds-circles made and just a few more to go. It was right after we finished unpack our picnic bags, when I was on the sofa, completing the 3rd round on all of the little crochet flowers. I really wanted to finish crocheting the 3rd round as I knew the next week is going to be a very busy one. The week after, we had a special birthday event for my mom. This year she celebrates her 70 birthday and we wanted to make something special for her. My sister and I were working on this “70 event” for quite a while. We celebrated her birthday in an old Jaffa house, that belongs to a very close freind, who is a famous fashion designer here in Israel. This was a perfect location to host all of us for a big family dinner. This house is so special due to it’s size, old architecture but especially because it has such a rich collection of art and crafts from all over the world. It feels like a little historical museum which we knew our mom will appreciate very much. This was THE place to celebrate her 70 birthday and I’m very thankful that our friend volunteered his home for the event. We had a very exciting evening with her sisters, our cousins, our father and both my sister’s family and mine. We hired a chef to cook us a special dinner and each and every participant wrote some special words to my special mom. Out eldest made her a special Cookbook with all the recipes and pictures of the food she makes for us all the years. I wrote her a very long thank you birthday blessing, for all the 47 years she is mothering me and my sister and many more people around us. For all the years she has been supporting us, believing in us, helps both of us achieving our goals and reaching our dreams. My mom is the most creative person I’ve ever known and is a very special person. She is the best mom and the best Grandmother. She has a very big heart and golden hands – bless her. She was very pleased with this special evening although she didn’t feel very well, and we all made her very too excited. I worried so much that she will get too excited but she was on her feets, as always.  Well the morning after I felt like I need a week off. I had so much excitement to control. I took myself to a morning walk by the park, first thing in the morning. I was trying to take a very healthy ‘fast walk’ that will help me manage all these overwhelming feelings, but this spring is so self-centered, and steals the show and I just had to stop and admire it every other step. This time it was this Redbuds Cercis tree’s fault. Look at it and tell me, if you could imagine yourself just passing this beauty without admiring it? Not me!! I was magnetised by both colour and shape of the leaves. I could stare at it for hours and it actually took me a while to leave it there and continue with my walk. It was the International Women’s day and I found it just perfect in both colour and shape so I posted a happy IWD on IG. Took 10 million pictures of it, of course…. The sky and air were a little dusty that day but I do like the way it treated the Fuchsia colour and the shape of the branches. Coming back home with all this spring in my blood system, couldn’t think of something better to do than taking these out, starting the 4rth round and give them an appropriate picture. Or maybe more than one appropriate picture! Oh how strong I had to hold myself not to post another IG picture that day…. it wasn’t easy, not at all. But here it is, posted here on my little blog corner. Isn’t it a VERY ‘makes me happy’ picture? A full power spring spirit project. Joyful little crochet circles, spring hexies to be. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough crochet time till the next weekend. But it came faster than expected.  The weekend after, we spent a long day laying on the beach. It was a bright sunny day and I was dreaming about going to the beach for days before. We wanted to take a little walk on the seashore and spend the day looking at the sea. There were so many surfers in and out of the water and it was so calming to look at these small sailboats. It is not yet the season and the temperature of the water is a little too cold but we walked on the beach with our legs in the water and we were all very pleased. The boys were building castles in the sand for hours, mommy (guess what) crocheted and E was just thinking of, what will be the best pose for a short beach nap? The day after I had all these little Hexagones laying on our living room sofa. They made me make a little crazy jump every time I passed next to them. I am totally in love (in love with some cotton crochet hexagons, need to take some pilles)It took a few days but now the 4th round is almost completed. Just a few more to go. I decided to add one more colour to the 4th round. At first I thought that my Spring hexagon 4th round will be made of  Apple colour but eventually I though it will be much more Springy to make part of the hexagons using the colour Grass, on the 4th round. Do you also find it pretty? I think the Apple and Grass colours are playing very nicely together. The 4th round is where we turn the little circle to a hexagon. All the information and colours will be given within the pattern.So, as you can see, most of part 2 of my spring project was made in nature, hugged by the spring weather and colours – a pure pleasure. The Spring blanket will be made out of 88 Spring Hexagons. I have started to work on a step-by-step pattern for the Spring Hexagon – a very detailed one. It will be available on my Etsy shop once I’m done. The pattern will be available separately or as part of the Spring Blanket kit. There is still a lot of work to do before they are ready to be published on my Etsy shop. But till it’s ready, I will be sharing here each and every step on the journey. I really hope you feel inspired to join in on a Spring project with me. Any spring project will do. What are your creative plans for next spring? please share your spring creative plans. I know some of you are still having a heavy winter in your area and I’m so happy to send you some colourful spring inspiration till your spring is ready to show up. But HEY, Cheer up, spring is just around the corner. One more spring picture, coloured greens and flowers, from today’s walk….Oh Spring, What a special time of the year, we are so lucky to be able to enjoy it in various aspects, and craft wise….. is just a perfect way to reflect this season. Thank you as always for visiting me here, for reading my busy mind. In the next few days a number of crochetobjet workshops will be held here, so I’ll go now, to make some final preparations. I still have to close some patterns for these upcoming workshops and to get ready with everything. You will probably see some happy moments from these crochet meetings, shared on social media. Stay tuned, xoxMo