If you follow my blog for a while you probably already know how much I love to share colourful moments from our crochet workshops. The table and colours are so cheerful and while I go over the pictures, I feel so lucky it all happens here around our kitchen table. Today I’m gonna’ share quite a few of these colourful moments which I hope will inspire you or at least add some happiness to your day wherever you are.When writing these posts, I always find it difficult to choose where to start from and what to leave out of the post. There are so many awesome projects going on here lately, so, what I’m gonna do is the following:
1). I’ll divide it into two posts so it won’t come up too long and tiring.
2). I’ll share them by projects so it’ll be clear what project is which.

Come with me, lets dive in.Shell we start with a bunny project? We had this Lace white start of  Yvonne, made by a very nice and ‘new to my workshops’ lady. She got a B-day present to join 2 of my workshops, can’t wait to see her pretty bunny Yvonne when it’s done. Her crochet density is just perfect here. One leg done. A few cotton Chamomile flowers in work and some of those I made decorates our workshop table, smiling at us gently. Lily Square is blooming. Colours from the centre out: Maroon, Peach, Lime Green & Cameo. These Flower squares are breath taking, both the coloured and the monochromatic one. On the coloured version Naama uses about 20 different Granny Kit cotton colours. On the monochromatic version Sal uses colour Hemp. Sal is making a cushion. Naama is not sure yet but she would love to crochet a blanket made of these flower squares. I’m so addicted to granny squares, from all kinds. We have some different granny squares projects on the go around my workshops table and the above one is a Solid Square cushion Sal makes for her mom’s B-day. She crocheted it for weeks and she thinks what her mom would like in terms of size and colours. She’ll add tassels onto each corner of the cushion. It is so moving to see how she puts all her love into this work. (she visits here on Monday’s) Elli is crocheting two different Solid Sq. projects. I loVE her colour choices. She uses Sienna, Sand & Loft on the big ones. Sage, Peach, Spicy & Brick on the small ones. 
Starfish Square, this is the first one that N crocheted. She’ll make a baby blanket out of it. I’ll share more of it next time she’ll come. Just can’t wait to see it, she sent me some pictures of her WIP and the colours she’s using are spectacular. Colours here are: Cadet, Matisse, Ecru & Lace More colourful Starfish squares by Ruti. Awesome baby blanket in work. She framed her squares with colour Cadet. Colours in the squares are: Loft, Matisse, Yellow, Spicy, Festive, Tangerine, Citron, Root, Jasper, Grass, Sage, Teal, Shale grey & Denim. More about the bouquet on my next blog post.  We have a few blankets in progress actually. The above one is a baby blanket made with a square we found in one of my Japanese crochet books. T crochets this blanket as a present for her friend, whose about to give birth. Isn’t it a gorgeous baby blanket? I love the softness she creates on the background using Sand and Shale grey together. Framing each square in stripes made of these two colours. The colours on the squares are: Chili, Teal, Jasper & Alice.  Y has just finished joining her 35 Smitten Squares by byhaffner. She crocheted them with colour Cameo. She plans to add my Smitten Edging. We’ll work it step-by-step as I didn’t find the time to write it down yet. I really hope to put it here on my blog some day. Just a few words about this: Some of you have asked about a kit for this blanket. Well, I haven’t put a kit yet but I can tell you that each square is about 30-35 gr’ and my Granny Kit cotton is 50 gr’ per ball. So, if you like to start working on your own Smitten Sq. project, you can order some yarn of any colour you like here, here or here. Just leave a note to seller while checkout with the colour you wish to get. Last project for today is this chevron piece. This will soon become a beautiful 4 Seasons Chevron blanket. N crocheted a sample first. She used colour Pale Blue.One more cotton blanket project in this ‘To Go’ organza bag. R will take it home to start some new project and I hope she’ll come again to share her WIP.

Well, this is all for today. More of these cheerful projects in my next blog post. Till I’m back here with some more crochet tales, please comment with what are you busy with now days? What is your current crochet project? Is it multicoloured? is it softly coloured? Are you busy with something to keep your spirit up? Have these pictures and colours made your fingers twitch? Thank you for staying here till now. See u soon xoxMo.