Are you ready for some more of these cheerful crochet projects? So, today I’m here again, with part two of this workshops update, with some pretty awesome crochet moments. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last blog post. It made me happy to read all your nice words. Hope these posts make you feel you’re around the table, with us.  I’ll start with these table pictures. 85 colours of Granny Kit cotton are spread on the table. I love to put them by colour groups. It gives the table this calmness although it is VERY busy. Busy hands and girly chats… lots of colours and cups of coffee, all these things that makes it a happy table.  What is it in these Basic Granny squares that magnetizes me like that? Every time I have a granny square project on this workshop table I act like I never saw something like that before. Granny squares are pure magic. The first time G came here, she asked to learn how-to make the Basic Granny Square & the Join as-you-go. She plans making a flat chair cushion and the colours she uses here are: Jet, Navy, Jasper, Shale Grey, Platinum, Alice, Sage, Bondi, Turquoise, Sea Foam, Lavender, Sepia, Umber, Sand & Lace.

These are two ‘free spirits’ bags. The first picture is a multi coloured stripe bag, made by Ronny, The second which is more like a colour block stripes, is made by Eden. I say ‘free spirits’ because both are made as a very spontaneous projects, with not much of planning beforehan. Ronny uses left overs of all the Granny Kit cotton colours she had left from previous projects. Eden is crocheting something she saw on Pinterest and she uses colours: Navy (she started with a flat circle in colour navy) and continued with: Yellow, Shale Grey, Ruby and here you see her adding the next colour block using Coral colour.  Few Hello Yellow bags in progress: The first is made of colour Lilac, the second with colour Chili and the above one is made of colour Yellow. Yaffa is attaching the handles by sawing them gently through the bag sts. Yaffa has worked on this  Fox pattern for a few weeks, on Mondays’ meetings. She found this lovely FREE pattern on Pinterest and brought it with her to our meetings, These pretty long legged foxes are crocheted with a 2.25mm hook using colours: Shale Grey, Platinum, Brick and a little Jet for the noses.  Ruth is working on a bridal bouquet for her daughter. This is not the first one she’s crocheted, you can read about her first one here. This one is for her younger daughter. Above are some leaves she’s crocheting in colour Tropical. She tried a few different leaves pattern till we found the right ones to join into her bouquet.  It’s been quite a while that she’s been crocheting Calais flowers for her daughter’s bridal bouquet. We made some manipulations on some leaves patterns till we came up with this Calais flower pattern. I love teaching her, I love the way it goes with her. We both think loudly and I can ׳see׳ her mind wheels rolling, she’s not afraid to try anything I suggest.  She isn’t afraid to experiment and  make mistakes. Well, this is quite a gift to be like that. This bouquet is going to be awesome.These colourful ‘Pointillism’ Linen stitch Clutches. My workshop girls and Monday girls really really fell in love with it. We have so many beautiful variations on the Linen Clutch, around this table, that I just couldn’t wait to share them with you. If you take a close look you’ll see so many colour combo options and I just love them all! Almost all my Monday’s girls have started one and so did some of my workshops girls. This Linen stitch became very popular here around our table and the results are spectacular in whatever colour way. If you like to make your own Linen Clutch, you can find both pattern & kit hereThese figs were picked straight off the tree, Naomi brought them here on one of those magical Mondays. They were a perfect decoration on the table till we ate them all. They tasted soooo good!!Remember S from last blog post? She made this Solid square cushion as a present for her mum, for her birthday. My mother sewed it up for her and she came here to pick it up, just as I was writing these lines. I wrapped it nicely, while she was checking up my English on this blog post. (She was born and raised in England and she helps me with my English whenever needed). Last but not least Angie Bunny. Hila has just finished her first Angie bunny and started to work on the Spring Gardener outfit. She enjoys every stage of her work and it is very obvious. I am sooo lucky to have the best job in the world – full of wonderful girls who love colour, crochet and get excited from the same things as I do!Thank you all for joining me on these 2 workshop blogposts. I just loved sharing those projects with you and I hope it has made your day more cheerful. See you soon with more news and colours. The Jewish Holidays are just around the corner and there are always many preparations and errands involved so I wish you all “Shana Tova” which is in Hebrew Happy New Year. ‘Shana Tova’ to you and to all your loved ones, xoxMo