The weather here recently is unbearably hot. The last weekend was so hot that we decided to skip all our plans and stay home. We had a slow and pleasant weekend so I had a lot of hooky hours.

Right after first coffee and my everyday delicious breakfast, I took knitting needles and knitted the tows of my very first pair of cable socks. I started to work on these a few weeks ago, following another great pattern by Christine Perry, Easy Cable Sock pattern. I waited so long to try and make these but I felt it’ll be better if I knit 3 – 4 pairs of ‘simple’ or basic socks pattern before. It was just after that that I gave the cable method a go. I plan to share with you more about that in a separate blog post. I have to say, that sock knitting for me is a dream come true, but knitting a cable pair of socks? me? oh I’m so proud. The thing is that it always looked too complicated to me and my knitting skills were not very developed. And here I am, as seen in the above 2 pictures, making the kitchener stitch and this time all alone without looking at Christine’s fab video. I AM SO PROUD!! can’t wait to share more of my sock knitting progress. My first pair of cable socks is here YUHOO!! Wearing them and looking down at my feet – I can hardly believe I made these. Me? Sure? The funny thing is that it is so hot outside that when I finished these and wore them, singing and walking all over the place so proud, all the others here were looking at me like I’m crazy (I am btw).It was just the right time for a little treat now so I made a cup of coffee for E and for myself and a cup of this luxurious chocolate for little Minions. Luckily, I managed to shoot one before it disappeared.I felt so good that I made it with my first pair of wooly cable socks that I decided to finish my cotton one right away. I started working on my Cotton cable sock even before I started the wooly ones. I was waiting for my package to arrive with the wool for my cable socks. Meanwhile I started to work with my cotton. I used colour Alice. I thought it’ll be nice if I have a cotton pair as a sleeping socks for winter nights. First cotton cable sock is done!! It feels rather lovely on foot and I think it’s going to be my favorite sleeping pair for the next winter. Isn’t that exciting? Look how lovely the cotton cable sock is. I’m in love. Totally in LOVE.I’ve finished my day laying on the sofa Staring at my feet…… but not just…. I had some very colourful work on my hook.  No no no, it wasn’t just knitting here on this weekend. I have a new stripe-y crocheted cotton WIP here in my Hello Yellow bag but can’t share more than that at the moment. Can’t wait to share more of it, but now I have to go get ready for tomorrow’s meeting, Mondays’ bliss. See you next time xoxMo.