There’s a little line on the top of my endless to-do list: “THANK YOU blog post“. I wanted to share my thankfulness here. To send my huge THANK YOU to those of you who took part in this party sale on my Etsy shop, during the last weekend. It was a lot lot more than expected. You made this sale a real colourful craft party and I would like to share some behind the scenes photos with you. Come take a look and see if you can find your package…I was packing your orders for more than four days with a huge smile on my face. More than four days of ONLY packing. OK just about. I had my Monday’s weekly session and some kids’ activities in between but most of my days were spent on arranging all your purchases. Packing such a huge amount of packages is not an easy job indeed but with that joy I felt inside my heart…. it just felt like the best party in town. It was such a pleasure having so many of you joining this sale party. I had to make lists to help me get it all well organized. I had a list for each day and I worked FIFO – first in first out. Some of you have ordered a few different kits, which created huge packages, so I had a separate list for the big packages – those were sent via express mail. There were packages all over the house and happy colourful piles in each corner, on each table or chair or any other available surface. Here are some happy, colourful packaging moments. We were sending packages to so many places around the world. Mainly to USA, UK, Australia and Canada but also to France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Hong Kong, Singapore, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Spain, South Africa, Malaysia, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden… Could you tell? And these are only the packages. When a pattern is purchased, I don’t have to pack, as it goes with an automatic download, so with the patterns the list of countries was even longer. I can add Israel to this list but there are only few that purchase vis Etsy, most of my local customers prefer to come here and tp purchase while visiting my studio. I say that we were sending, since E worked here with me, hand by hand. Luckily both of us are very organized people. From the moment he was back from work, he helped me recheck each and every package. He was on the stock, taking boxes of cotton balls up and down in ant out and updating the stock list. He took all your orders to the post office and spent quite a long time for a few mornings at the post office. He made me a cup of coffee when needed and he told me when to stop working as this option doesn’t exist within my natural personality (it’s a bug I haven’t fixed yet ;-)). Finally all your packages are on their way. Some of you already received them and shared photos on IG with #crochetobjet – so great to see your happy pictures! Thanks for sharing. I hope that within a short time all packages will get safety to each of you, craft lovers. I really hope that while opening your packages you’ll feel they were packed with so much love and appreciation and with so much gratitude in heart. I put all of these in each and every pack.
Please note, Sale time is over now so please DO NOT ask for coupon code as it is no longer available.It took me a few decent morning walks, by the green park, to take down the adrenaline and control my breathing. I was overwhelmed by this sale success and by the fact that this imaginary ‘Alice in wonderland’ business I’ve built is real. Most of all I was overwhelmed by the fact that you showed your undisputed love and interests to everything crochetobjet – THANK YOU (again and again and again million times). Now that all is back to normal and my studio is all tidy up again with filled and colourful cotton drawers, I’m back at my desk. So, just a little update to let you know more about my to-do list and whats next on it. The 3 first things on my list are as follow: A) 70 B-day for my dad (yes yes). B) creating my new cotton colour card (see sneak pics on IG) C) writing down my next blog post with a free step-by-step pattern for the Buddha(pest) Bracelet. See you soon xoxMo