Yes YES, my Etsy shop just crossed the 5000 sales and this is a YUHOO moment indeed!! I can hardly find the words to explain how significant it is for me. My CrochetObjet shop is a one woman shop. It is not a huge business, with a huge studio and tons of employees. It is a small business I manage as a working at home mom that became a real business. This is very exciting and this is all thanks to YOU!!! Thanks to your support, thanks to your trust, thanks to your creativity, thanks to your reviews and thanks to your shares. We are going to celebrate it with a special 15% off coupon code on all items on the shop, as a THANK YOU gift from me to you! When I opened my Etsy shop back in 2012, it wasn’t successful at all. It took about two years to build it up to what it is today. A lot of work & learn while going, while doing, always in movement, always in creation. I explained it once here, I do what I really really love and enjoy doing and this is my little (huge) secret. I do and share what I am really passionate about. I learned in my working life experience that what I love to create the most is the strongest thing I can offer and share. Being authentic and share real value and ‘real time’ moments, no matter how poor my English is, helped my little CrochetObjet, find it’s own place out there. Sharing my desk, the real one, not something made only for the pictures, sharing my creations in progress and sharing my special attraction for colours allow you to meet my real creative self on social media and right here at my blog. This authentic creation energy is something that no one can beat  – it is powerfull. Hope these little tips here will inspire some of you…So, for me reaching 5000 sales is a BIG deal and I would like to THANK YOU for taking part and supporting my journey.If you follow me for a while you probably know that I rarely do sales on my Etsy shop. I believe my products are priced sensibly. My Granny kit cotton balls are fairly priced. cotton became a very expensive raw material btw. My cotton yarns are priced very fairly in relation to their high quality. I also keep on sharing FREE patterns here on my blog – which allows me to spread my knowledge passion what so ever. I enjoy sharing my patterns – one of the things I enjoy the most is seeing you enjoying it. So, all of these together with not being a giant craft business, all come to the fact that I do not routinely offer sales.Now, here is what I was thinking of: If you are subscribed to my blog, then you are on my mailing list. All of you on my mailing list, will receive an email on Friday March 17th, with a coupon code that will give you 15% off on all items on my Etsy shop. If you’re not yet a subscriber, you still have the time to do so by Friday March 17th. All my blog subscribers will get an e mail with a coupon code on Friday 9 am eastern time. The sale will open at the same time you’ll receive my email. The 15% off will be available for the weekend of 17 – 20 March 2017 ONLY!!SO let me give you some important information that might help you with your wish lists on this special sale. I thought it would be interesting for you to know what are my best selling items. My shop has few different sections: Crochet Patterns, Granny Kit cotton & Kits. Each section has it’s own best selling product as follow ::Best sellers on the PATTERNS section ::
#1 selling patterns are :: Angie Bunny :: Angie Bunny is not alone up there on the #1 selling pattern. The 4 Seasons Chevron pattern is holding hand in hand with Angie, up there at the top so Angie can snuggle with a pretty blanket – what she likes the most. Happens very often here on our living room sofa. The Flower Square is the #2 on the patterns section :: Very close to the above two patterns. The Flower Square is is one of the first patterns I’ve ever made. 

Best sellers on the Granny Kit cotton section ::
Once again I have two #1’s on the Granny Kit section :: The Choose 10 balls listing ::and the 15 Rainbow Colours ::Here is a little reminder for you on my Granny Kit cotton yarn specifications :: For those of you that haven’t tried my soft cotton yet :: It might help you understand what type of cotton is the Granny Kit cotton :: 

Best sellers on the Crochet Kit section ::
The #1 on this section is the 4 Seasons Chevron kit :: This kit was sent to almost every place on earth, hard to believe, feels like I’m dreaming. Here I have to add a little note :: On the Crochet Kit section I have the complete Angie Bunny Kit. It is a very new listing on the shop and still very popular. If you take into consideration the time it is on the shelf – you can clearly see that it is going to be a best selling listing on the kits section, very soon.There are a lot more beautiful listings on my shop and I think it is better if you take a look and see what fits your needs and future creative projects. You still have the time to explore and you have time to prioritize your shopping list. On Friday March 17th, you’ll receive an email, from CrochetObjet with a coupon code in it. This coupon code will give you a 15% off on all items and I really hope you use it as sales are very rare on my shop. I send a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, to each and everyone of you, for following me, for your creativity and for taking part on my creative life journey. See you next time here, with the above bracelet pattern, xoxMo.