Spring is here and our Balcony garden is blooming. This year we decided to do some required work by ourselves, instead of paying a professional gardener. It took a few weekends. E did it step by step, one pot at a time. He uprooted some of the old plants and we went together to choose some new ones, shrubs and flowers. Now it looks like our garden is returning all the time and love we put into it during the last weekends. Our garden is all about the spring spirit now. Fresh vibrant bloom colours everywhere.There is a colourful view which can be seen from our living room and from our kitchen. Especially when I sit and crochet on the sofa. My eyes very often get stuck on one of these blooming colours. In the above picture I’m working on a new  colour card and you can easily see the reflection of the colours from the garden just in front of me.Bees are working very hard these days, coming to suck nectar from the flowers. They really like this gorgeous Rhaphiolepis flowers. We have had this plant here ever since we started our roof garden. It’s very strong and to say the truth, it is not that beautiful during the year. However, twice a year it blooms with those breathtaking flowers and this is a good enough reason to keep it. We plated this Geranium last summer, I took a small branch from the park and this is the very first time it blooms here. I love the Geranium flowers, their colours are so full of energy. I decorated my Mondays weekly table with these adorable pink flowers, during the last couple of weeks. Outside our kitchen window we have a small herb garden. It’s this lavender that got my attention and got me working with my hook and cotton. Spring is also my dad’s birthday. This spring he celebrates his 70th birthday. When I was crocheting this Lavender it was the morning after my dad’s 70’s birthday dinner celebration. We organized a special dinner in a small restaurant in Tel Aviv and he was very excited. Actually we all were  very excited. While I was sitting here crocheting this Lavender my heart was filled with so much joy, after this great evening we had with him. My dad is a special soul and his happiness means the world to me. In the picture above it’s me with this kind of relaxation you feel after a big event is over. And I mean successfully over. I was on my sofa pose, crocheting a new Angie bunny but had to stop and put this Lavender flower on my hook. When I finished my first flower I just put it inside one of Angie’s legs and it came out so nicely.
This spring spirit has got me hooked. But not just the flowers got me hooked. I’m in a process of making a new colour card for my Granny Kit cotton which I’m hoping to share with you soon. This process is ridiculously pretty and I took billion pictures on the way. I can crochet these little ones forever. Preparing a 12 ds’c circle for each and every colour on my Granny Kit cotton collection is such a pleasure. What could I tell you? I love doing the smallest jobs ever. sitting on my sofa pose next to my colourful 4 Seasons Chevron blanket and crocheting – BLISS. Spring in Israel means Passover is just around the corner and you can feel it in the air. The kids just started their spring break and everybody is talking about the Passover eve. The Seder. So, where are we at the Seder this year you asked? We are traveling to France!! Yeyyyyy. Happy Happy me, but not just happy. If you are following me for a while, you probably know that my beloved father-in-law passed away about 6 months ago. The thing is that holidays became not an easy thing, especially not for my mother-in-law since he left. She wanted to be with all of us together away form home this year. I totally understand her and all of us do. So together with E’s brother and his family we will all travel to France. We will be in paris for 2 days and then we plan to spent a few days in Loire Valley. It’s a very spontaneous decision and therefore we worked intensively to find nice places at a reasonable price to stay in. It was not easy to find nice hotels / apartments in such a short time frame but hopefully we will be happy with what we found. I’m so looking forward to it.So please note, I’ll be away for this vacation from April 4th and will be back at my desk on April 17th. Make sure you place your orders before the 5th otherwise it will be sent to you after the 18th, when I’m back. I’ll meet you here again, when I’m back and I promise to share everything beautiful on our vacation, here and on my IG and FB feed. xoxMo