OOhmygod, I’m so excited to sit and write down this blog post, so excited. I have some sweet candy news today which I waited soooo long to share with you. SO, lets get started at the beginning. It’s been quite a long time that I’m in a need for some notebooks here in my workshops, something for my girls to write down notes during and in between our meetings. This need along with my special love for stationery and paper good, planted the first seed in my mind. The ground was ready quite a while for this seed. The idea of creating a notebook was waiting there, in my head for quite a long time. I had millions of different ideas in mind but one of them became real. I thought it can be super delicious to have a set of notebooks from my Angie bunny family. 6899hsI have quite a nice file of photos from this bunny journey. Photos I took while crocheting my bunnies or while writing down the patterns or even photos I took for my blog posts. This huge bunny’s photo file is like a colourful candy shop with closed doors, mind you. Well something needs to be done here and the sooner the better. BUT, there is always something more urgent to do up there on the list, isn’t it? So eventually I picked up the phone to discuss this idea with my beloved friend Shirley, from studio Nylon. It took less than 5 seconds before she said it’s a great idea and we should set up a meeting to work on it. Next step was me and her spending a wonderful morning together, in her lovely studio, creating a set of Angie Bunny notebooks. What a joy, I !! l o v e !! my job.dsc_9255bWhen I first arrived to her studio, I had with me not only my huge bunny photo library but also a bag full of all kind of notebooks I’ve collected during the years. This notebooks pile of all the most favorite ones, my little research, my little special love for notebooks I cultivate for years. So, this precious pile of notebook inspiration on one side and my endless bunny photo file on the other side. dsc_9211bTHE hardest part on this project was to choose which pictures to leave out and which of them to put on the notebook cover. It was so hard that I could easily make 20 different covers. We had to bring our decisive side out here, and so we did. Once we had this decision made, it was very easy and things moved forward really smoothly.  23bWorking with Shirley is a special gift for me, she has a sharp eye and she is a very talented graphic designer, with a special soul for small details. So, naturally having her hand on this project is all I was needed. I found out that designing a notebook is a work with quite a lot of details. Beside the cover composition, taking into consideration both front and back sides, there is so much more to think of. Choosing up the right paper weight for both cover and inside papers is for her like crocheting a dc2tog for me :0). The lines on the pages, their colour and the right gaps between them. The amount of pages in the notebook, and how to bind it all together. 6bWe both thought a sewn binding would work perfectly well here, as it keeps the yarn-y language of my crocheted Angie bunny family. The printer got this huge sewing yarn collection so we could match the yarn colour for each printed cover. When I first saw the sewing binding test I was sooOOO happy – ‘makes my heart sing’ kind of thing. 2bSo, let me introduce you to this pretty, sweet as candy Angie bunny notebook set. We ended up with 4 different printed covers. We created a set of 4 Angie bunny notebooks, in a perfect size for you to write down your crafty notes or traveling memories or any other dream on your busy creative minds. dsc_93015bLet me give you some papery info so you can feel the touch of my new notebooks.
A set of 4 notebooks made of:
• Cover : Crocheted bunnies print on a 250 gr’ wood free paper
• Size : 14×18.5 cm (5.5″x7.3″)
• Inside : 50 lined pages (100 if you use both sides pages)
• Print : High quality ink on wood-free paperdsc_9286My workshop girls are already using Angie bunny notebooks and it looks like they have been here for ages. This lady took a set of 4 notebooks before she even started to work on her project – she said she’ll use one and give 3 to her daughter on Hanucka.
9bReally not sure what side I like better, the front or the back. At the above picture you can see how I wrapped it before sending it to a nice little girl as a Christmas gift. Tha’t the way it will be wrapped for you or for your beloved ones. I hope you too like my set of 4 bunny notebooks25bWell I do have one more of this sweet like a candy stuff. Please meet the COMPLETE Angie Bunny kit. I have just added to my Etsy shop.15bI got quite a lot of questions like why I don’t have a full Angie bunny kit with all the patterns and yarns included. So I finally decided to create one. The COMPLETE kit is on the shop now. This kit is really a nice opportunity for you if you like to crochet Angie bunny, Baby bunny and all the clothing patterns. It is a delicious DIY kit for any crocheter and a perfect present for your beloved ones. I would be vary happy to get such a present, I would jump to the roof out of happiness, be sure about that. I’m so happy I’ve crearted this buuny kit – an absolute ‘melts my heart’ stuff to work with. 16bWhat does the complete Angie bunny kit includes:
• 5 crochet patterns as follow:
Angie Bunny
Baby Bunny
Spring Gardener
Cosy Easter Outfit
Turtleneck Stripy Dress17b• Granny Kit cotton yarn: 12 balls with the following colours:
3 balls of Sand and 1 ball of each: Lace, Fuchsia, Sage, Seafoam, Navy, Rose, Babypink, Lilac & Citron
With these colours you’ll make the bunnies and the clothes – the colours on this kit are the same colours
the patterns are calling for. All these cotton balls will make ALL patterns I wrote for Angie bunny – Not only the 5 patterns here but also the FREE patterns I wrote down here on my blog for: Pretty in pink, Mini pretty in pink, Baby bunny ears & Nordic boots.
The cotton balls will come in a nice organza bag.

• 1 Bunny notebook as shown on the above picture.

• A Colour card with all the colours on the Granny Kit cotton collection -shown on the picture above.
If you calculate all the items in this kit you’ll get up to 81$ but the price for this kit is ONLY 65$ so you actually you save 16$. 26bCrochet Kit is a kit of happiness and a kit for creating crochet bunnies is heaven for me. Hope you think so too and that you like my new complete Angie bunny kit. It is made for those of you who would like to create the whole bunny family like I did. It is also made so you can give it as a gift for someone that will be happy to crochet a whole familly of bunnies. I would be very happy to get one. I think any crocheter would be. dsc_9260bAnd here is a sneak pick into the new box I’ve just added to my workshop presentation – the Bunny notebooks box is now next to all my cotton boxes. OOHHH I just LOVE it. Hope you like it too. Thank you for reading me, xoxMo