So excited to finally be here and share some pretty news with you. My days are fully packed and weeks are flying by so fast. I know it’s not just me and I know some of you feel the same. Being a working at home mom seems to be the busiest job I’ve ever had. Together with our weekly, awesome, one-on-one sessions here, and with so much packing, I’ve finally managed to sit down and write a new PDF pattern called the BOHO square. You might have seen it already on IG or in FB but I really wanted to share some more information about it here. I do have something else new and exciting on my table, which I can hardly wait to share with you. Yes you can see it in the picture above, but all details will come on my next post. Lets keep it one at a time OK?img_20161029_211733img_20161024_214720First let me just say a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for choosing my Etsy shop, my patterns, my crochet kits and my Granny Kit cotton for your Christmas gifs!!! this is greatly appreciated, I pack your orders every evening here, on our kitchen table and being  so thankful for your support!!! This is unbelievable, really!!! THANK YOU. I hope you’ll be as excited to get it and open it, as I am excited to pack it for you. No doubt my hand are full and busy, more than was ever expected. img_20161102_111918dsc_9105Beside the weekly one-on-one sessions and small group sessions, I still keep my monthly workshops routine and these crochet meetings are more than words could tell. Having these awesome ladies crocheting around our kitchen table is such a bliss. Somehow, God only knows how it happens, but these ladies are so easy to host. I feel so relaxed having them in my own home. It always surprises me how much they love being here and how they became such a great part of my crochetObjet world. img_20161027_102935In between these colourful crochet mornings, I somehow manage to add new English written patterns to my Etsy shop – pattern writing is something I love to work on. This work requires some quiet daylight time and as you can imagine I don’t have enough of it. Anyway, with this decorative Boho square – It was all started when one of my sweet students (Roni), sent me a pin on Pinterest. It was for this gorgeous bag, which I immediately fell in love with both for the pattern and the colour way. She asked me if I could teach how to crochet it, on one of our next workshops. Well, I’ve looked and looked again but all I could find was this pattern written in French and once again I was very sorry for not being a French speaker. img_20161110_123237After straggling a bit, trying to crochet this pretty granny square, I’ve somehow managed to find out the right way to crochet it. So just to make it clear, It is not 100% the exact same square pattern, as the pattern was written in French and Google translate is not very familiar with crochet terms. The Boho square pattern looks very similar but naturally is not exactly the same. If you can read French you might find out that there are few differences. I called mine, Boho square, as I find the overall ornamental feeling and the colour language, very bohemian, could you see what I’m talking about? img_20161030_115959Sitting and writing down a pattern is one of those quiet moments I appreciate so much. They usually take place during the morning hours. When light is perfect for shooting, when I’m home alone and music is on – these 3 conditions are a must have for my pattern writing state of mind. Pattern writing mornings are so therapeutic for me, wish I had more of them. img_20161030_144156Writing down step-by-step pattern,  crocheting and taking pictures of each step along. Just LOVE IT – as simple as that! This process somehow captures my heart, makes me happy. dsc_9074So, let me introduce you to this new square pattern I’ve just added to my shop. The BOHO square is a decorated, ornamental, kind of square, with a bohemian chic. It’s a square made by 4 different cotton colours. The first 2 colours are making 3 rounds each. The 3rd colour is making 2 rounds and the last colour is making the last round and frames the square. The pattern and the ornaments are being created by this colour sequence. I originally planned these squares to be a bag (just like in the original pin) and as such I used a 2.5 m”m hook. I made it a step-by-step pattern, followed with pictures for each round – so it can easily fit all crocheters, even if you are a beginner.
dsc_9144dsc_9137The Boho square was first written in Hebrew, for my workshop girls and as you can see in the pictures above, they enjoyed working with this pattern. These beautiful Boho squares were made here during November meetings and workshops. The Boho square works beautifully with so many different colour combinations, as long as you keep the colour sequence recommended on my pattern.dsc_9139So, here is some important information for you if you are going to give it a go:

Square size 
With Granny Kit cotton yarn and a 2.75mm hook, your BOHO square will come out about 15.5 x 15.5 c”m.
If you like to make a bag out of this square please use a 2.5 m”m crochet hook – which will automatically makes it smaller.

What do you need
The Boho square patten
Yarn: 4 colours of Granny Kit cotton in any colour combo you like
Crochet hook 2.75mm
Crafty scissors
Tapestry needleimg_20161110_113906We plan to make a bag out of the Boho square – in one of our next workshops. There are some very nice free patterns found on Pinterest which can help you with the bag making. The number of squares needed is up to what kind of bag you are going to make. I will share here my bag making process while I’ll make it. I will be so happy to see your Boho squares, if you give it a go. Please feel free to share your work tagged with #bohosquare or #crochetobjet on IG. dsc_9182That is all for today, I really hope both Boho square and the colours inspire you to crochet your own Boho square version. Thank you for joining me in my ongoing crochet and coloured little world.
More of these sweet kind of news that I can hardly wait to share with you will come VERY soon on a separate blog post. These bunny notebooks…. , see you sooooooon, xoxMo.