Hello everyone. Feels good to be here at my blogging corner again, having some quiet time for writing. The Jewish holidays are over now – All things must pass. A month of one holiday after another, each with its special customs and food. Oh, food is a big issue in Jewish tradition. In fact, I love it, as we spend a lot of creative kitchen time together, preparing meals for big family dinners.img_20160929_183028This year it was different as, right after Rosh Hashanna, the Jewish New Year, my beloved father-in-law, Menachem Malron, passed away at the age of 86. We were staying around his Hospice bed day by day, sharing our last days and hours with him, flooded with love that we have received from him all those years, giving him our love back, as much as he deserved. This good-hearted person was a holocaust survival and God only knows how he survived this inferno. We have a few notebooks filled with his unbelievable stories from these terrible years, when he was just a little child. He was very proud of his family, the most important thing in his life – it symbolized his victory. Our kids were very lucky to have such a unique grandfather. We will miss him until our last day on earth. All things must pass, but our love for him will live forever with us. 35dMenachem helped me with everything I needed to create my CrochetObjet world. He had a special soul for small details and he had ‘good hands’. One of the things he loved the most was making these tiny little fabric buttons. As you probably saw, these are now out of stock on my Etsy shop, as I really want to keep them and don’t feel comfortable selling them yet. They will only be available within the kits. Once I feel comfortable enough to make them myself again, I might put them back for sale. img_20161022_130452Menachem always loved to see what I’m busy with. As he really appreciated hand-made things, it made him happy to see me crocheting my projects. All those hours around his bed, I had a lot of time to crochet and… to browse, of course. One of the things I discovered while browsing next to his bed, was this amazing Japanese lady – JungJung. I came across her crocheted vegetables on Pinterest and literally got mesmerized to her work.
img-20161029-wa0051I spent hours staring at her amazing crochet vegetables. The flowers were so beautiful that I couldn’t stop myself from trying to create a GrannyKit cotton version of them.
img-20161024-wa0095I took out my 1.5 mm hook and crocheted my Jungjung flowers version. Oh, this was the perfect escapism and I am so grateful to her for keeping me busy through these sad days at the Hospice. Making these flowers and leaves trials, I learnt few new things about the magic of crochet, once again I faced the fact that crochet is a big mental support. Like meditating.
img-20161022-wa0070I’m so lucky to have crochet in my life. A month has gone by, and we are learning to live our life without our beloved ones. This is how it works. I guess some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.img-20161008-wa0019dsc_9080dsc_9077So, as you can see here, together with autumn, I am back on my routine but it is a little different routine. New routine. I’m back at my desk again, busy with few new, very interesting projects, which I can’t wait to share with you. I’m busy planning and writing new patterns for my workshops and for my Etsy shop. I will tell you everything about all theses soon. xoxMo.
P.S. This song was on my playlist, while writing this blog post and it actually got straight into this post mood. All things must pass, by George Harrison – one of my favourite.