Hello everyone! Can you believe September is over? The weather is changing and it feels good actually. Feels special. I started to wear my soft autumn pajamas as nights are getting cold. img_20160917_172003The Jewish holidays are just around the corner and you can feel the holiday vibes and preparations all over. People are getting prepared for the New Year’s dinner and the atmosphere is getting special. It’s gonna be a little different for us this year though, as E’s father is in Hospice and I think we all want to stay around his bed rather than have the usual common dinner. Life can act strange sometimes, absolutely strange and not always nice, but we keep up the positive things we have in our life and we do have a lot of them. This family weekend walk by the park was one of these up lifting moments and my colourful job is a real real up lift in life. I am totally in love with my job and would love to share some of it here. 8965bToday I’ll share some colourful moments from workshops and one-on-one sessions that took place here, on our kitchen table, during September. We worked here on a few different projects and I thought they might be a great source of inspiration for you. We had some very creative moments here which I’d love to share with you.8963b8941bTable preparations for my workshops is one of the parts I like the most and if you follow this blog for a while you already know what are the preparations I make for my workshops and how I enjoy styling my workshop set up.8966bWe usually sit around the table for about 3 and a half hours and it is very important for me that the workshop table will be a source of happiness for the ones who sit around it, in other words, I do believe that the table set up can directly affect my students’ mood and make their performances better.8968b8984bIt’s nice to see how it all starts to move on, how they pick out colours and enjoy their crochet time here. Learning new technics, while on the other hand relaxing and enjoying crochet and company. This sweet lady is crocheting a sample of the 4 seasons chevron (the above picture). She is pregnant (week 38) and she plans to make a little chevron blanket for her baby. 8970b8978b8983bDuring August and September I wrote a few new patterns for my workshop girls. Some of these patterns are free on the web but not always with very clear instructions. Here, in this popcorn square, I wrote a very clear and simple instructions where I teach how to make a dc bubble and how to crochet a popcorn with a clean look. 8950bWe always have fresh herbs tea in our cups and coffee as well, I wish you could smell the fresh sage I’ve picked from our garden, for this workshop. Actually, we like to chat and we do have a lot of girls talks and we laugh a lot but we also keep it quiet when counting is needed or when I teach something new.8958bThis lady came here for the first time and she’s busy here crocheting the ‘My Rose Cushion’8969b

8977bRon is beginning her Fun Ripple scarf. This super delicious stitch and pattern is from The Crochet Crowd and we really really love it. She began with the colour Spicy and now for the second stripe she works with the colour Citron. 8960bMore of Septembers colourful moments, on the above you see another Fun Ripple scarf in the making. Aren’t these colours gorgeous? soooo so gorgeous! The kit for the Fun Ripple scarf is here.8953b8954b 8956b8957bThis Diamond Square is one of the new patterns I’ve just finished writing. One of my students found it on the web and asked me to translate for her. It’s the FPDC st that makes the diamond shape. It comes out very cool and I like the way it looks when you frame it with 1 rnd of sc’s, with a contrasting colour.8967bThis is the Victorian Lattice sq. by Destany Wymore, which is a free download on Ravelry. It’s a beautiful, very well written pattern. I made few small changes. The sq. on the top is the one I wrote, the one bellow is the original so you can see I’ve added a picot rnd right at the beginning of the sq. The small one is a fresh start made by one of my students.8951b8973b8976b8985bThe Lily sq. You can find this pattern here. The ones you see on the above pictures were made by a girl who came to visit from Panama, she visited my crochet table twice before she left back. I love her colour way.8979bThis lady here is learning how to join her flower pretty squares. You can find the flower square pattern here.9027b9029bThis super delicious Smitten Square by ByHaafner. You can find a very easy to follow diagram on her beautiful blog. On the picture above you see a fresh start of one of my new students, Gittit. I also crochet a Smitten blanket which I’ll share here soon.8944bMy Granny Kit cotton collection is the major part on my workshops presentations and my students really enjoy crocheting with this soft and colourful cotton. It’s a big colour therapy wall that creates the major part of my workshops styling. This is actually my little colourful shop within the workshop space. 8981bSO, at the end of the workshop the ladies can choose the colours they like for their projects or for future projects.8962bSaved this one for the finale, I had to end up this blog post with this amazing 4 seasons chevron made by one of my students that actually is a beginner. Isn’t this 4 seasons chevron so very gorgeous? This lady is a beginner could you tell? The step by step pattern is here and the full kit including yarn and pattern is hereblogWell, I think that is all for today my lovely followers, I hope you enjoyed September’s colourful crochet moments. More crochet projects and colourful news soon. Wish you all ~~ SHANA TOVA ~~ (Happy new year in Hebrew) xoxMo.