Somehow despite all the jobs I have around the kitchen, house, supermarket and everything related to ‘kids at home on their summer vacation’, somehow…. I’ve managed to start this roses cushion at the very beginning of the last weekend :: Believe it or not I planed to take a little break as the kids are mostly around me and the kitchen, but I just couldn’t stay too far from my hook and my cottons

So, while these 2 are busy with their new x-box :: ……………………………………… the boys were dreaming of an x-box for quite a long time and our brilliant nephew found a very new ‘second hand’ one, for us, which we just bought for quite a reasonable price few days ago :: and you know what it comes with? it comes with crochet time for mummy :: what a perfect mother ha?? :: look how the big one is hugging his brother while explaining him something on Fifa or whatever game :: so proud ::7This x-box arrival allowed me to start my round roses cushion and as you see, it is just a flat circle with few roses and leaves on top centre ::  The dc’s flat circle is just a simple one starting with a 12 dc’s row and increasing by 12 in each row :: there are so many beautiful roses patterns that you can find, but I wrote my own rose to fit into the size and to look like what I need for this centred bouquet :: I’ll share my rose pattern here soon ::  for the leaves I played with few patterns I found on Pinterest :: Now I have to choose what colours will do the leaves, not sure yet :: the roses here are made of GrannyKit cotton in colours Berry Baby pink & Framboise :: 42Now I have to sew the centre bouquet on the front side and to connect both front and back with a nice little shel edge :: my mother will make me a 30 cm round cushion to fill it :: Hope to post some pictures here in few days, when its done and ready to show :: I think I’ll make one more in white Lace colour :: it can be very pretty together on our couch :: DSC_4803Talking about the couch, we went to fill the mattress with a little more feathers as we felt it’s starting to get thin and to lose it’s nice couchy look :: we went to Anna, who designed and create this couch for us about a year ago :: she came here from France where she learnt furnishing design and we fell in love with her work at the first time we saw her amazing couches :: 91011Her beautiful studio is located in a very old part of Tel Aviv where you can find interesting graffiti on the walls :: Tel aviv graffiti and street art became very hot at the last few years :: Some of the artist became so desirable that people are taking the walls off just to get their art into their collections :: these little characters called “kufsonim” :: our kids love them so much and they keep searching for them on the walls. Every time we pass across one, they ask to stop the car and take a picture, so they can paint them at home later :: 12This paint is from our last graffiti tour in the same area ::13Ok than, I’m back to my roses now, going to connect them on the front side :: will share pictures of it when it’s done :: see you soon xoxMo ::