High summer days are here big time :: very hot, around 80% humidity :: air condition is on nonstop if you want to stay in one piece :: we just don’t want to go out :: which makes it absolutely a perfect time for workshops :: you know what? it’s always a perfect time for crochet workshops :: don’t you think so? :: but when it’s so hot and humid outside, we are quite happy to sit indoors with the air condition on and have our little girls talk on some fresh fruits, homemade cookies and cotton on the hook (can hardly touch any other fibre in such weather) :: and OF COURSE this gorgeous summer light that comes in :: It’s actually a colour therapy meeting :: I wish you could hear the voices, smell the fresh herbs tea and coffee :: I wish you could come and take part at our colourful morning workshops :: but if you’re too far away, here are some collages I made out of my latest workshops pictures :: I’ve tried to frame the hours of creation and patterns we had here and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did :: I really love to host these workshops :: it’s a real magic :: take a look ::col8 בםך2col7bp1We were busy with so many different patterns :: 3 new bunnies on the go now :: one of them will be finished back in Italy :: One of the ladies took part in the workshops, came to visit from Italy, she will finish her bunny when she’s back home :: the other 2 Yvonne pretty bunnies will be finished here in the next workshop :: I’ll show them to you when they’re done :: see these little legs telling us what a cute bunny is on it’s way? :: col6And one girl visits here, from Switzerland, she wanted to cover this portable speakerphone she travels with, so she made a little basket to keep it safe :: her work came out so perfectly :: she enjoyed her time here and will come again in the future :: HaPpY ::col7col6col4col4col8col5The 4 seasons chevron blanket was the most popular pattern on the latest workshops :: the girls started their own chevron blankets and we made some very nice colour combos for them :: we also had few colourful granny squares on the table in each of the workshops :: Learning the basics of granny squares is such fun :: the table was really busy with different patterns and colour combinations :: 80 different colours of GrannyKit cotton :: each girl and her own colour choice :: so many beautiful combinations of the same pattern :: I love to look how people choose colours and mix them together :: it’s such a great playground :: Colour therapy :: col1Well it was quite a busy and enjoyable week here :: each workshop with it’s own creations :: each workshop with it’s own magic :: always a bliss :: now I’m ready for some slow summer weeks, till the kids are back to school :: Maya, our eldest is on her way to the Netherlands with a sport team, she rides horses and she will join a riding camp there with an Olympic teacher, for about a week :: I think I have never seen her so excited before :: she’s really into it :: this is the first time she travels without us and I’m a little nerves about it I have to say :: I know she’ll have the best time there, but I want to have her back at home safe and sound :: I’ll be here with the boys, I guess we’ll spend most of our days indoors and afternoons at the beach so they can jump, run and move their body like they love :: I have few new things on my hook at the moment and will share them with you in the next few weeks :: At first I thought I’ll take a little summer break but my hands are “burning” and I’ve so many hooky plans that it is too hard for me to spend a day without my hook and cotton :: So much more to make and so much more to share :: xoxMo ::