We live just 15 minutes by car, from few beautiful beaches here in Tel Aviv :: going to the beach is easy for us :: A perfect activity for the hot and muggy summer days :: A perfect escapism :: Usually we prefer to spend the afternoon to late evening hours, when it’s not too hot and sunny :: first step is bags preparation :: beach towels, beach blanket, COLD water, sun protector and boxes full of fruits and food :: kids become very hungry at the beach, and what I like the most is that they eat anything you give them – a magic made by the sea breeze :: so food is an important ingredient on the list :: and yes few buckets and beach toys, anything that could help them build their sand castles :: Today I’m sharing few pictures from our last visit at the beach, in the north of Tel Aviv, because it was a special one :: it was my Bday :: Enjoy ::21We went north this time, but there are many beach options here , all the Tel Aviv west side is one long beach :: we had a little walk from the parking area, as we wanted to go for a little isolated area ::3196Just to pick a little beach piece, have a sit and look at this – positively addictive and brings peace into mind and body :: the colours, the light changes, the sparkles on the water, the line where the water meet the sand, happy kids :: freshness :: fresh breath moments ::108A little walk on the beach together is a must as we are all stone & shells collectors, always look for sea treasures to bring back home with us :: 71617We made few of these till we got this cosmic flying pose :: 1315The hardest of all is when you tell them it’s time to go home :: They always ask for few more minutes :: just few more :: and then I stay for just one more picture :: and just one more :: last one :: promise :: not easy to say good bye to this peaceful beauty ::14So much more than words could ever say :: I could stare at this forever :: 1211Last step is to successfully pack the kids back into the car and than when home to unpack the bags plus tones of sand we bring back home with us…. still worth the effort … It takes seconds after they got showered and they fall asleep happy and relaxed :: and I know that not too long after that, I’ll be able to get to bed with clean and fresh “after beach” skin, take one more look at my phone photos breath it deeply and think :: what a great Bday I had, with my freinds and familly :: can’t ask for more :: Thank you for coming to the sea with me :: hope it brings some beach energy, even if just for few momnents :: see you soon again with more pretty things to share :: it׳s a week full of workshops coming upon us:: stay tuned :: xoxMo