I wear a new pair of Cosy-Weekend-Socks and they keep my feet warm from the moment they were off the needles. I haven’t even weaved the yarn ends yet but I don’t really care. They are SO comfy and soft and I just don’t want to take them off my feet. This is the third pair of Cosy-Weekend-Socks that I knit for myself and it was a quick one, I cast-on January 8th and bind-off January 18th. This pair is slightly smaller than the pattern though, so I wanted to share the modifications I did with you. Just in case you would want to knit a pair as well. 

The modifications I did on this pair

First let’s start with the yarn I used

A new pair of Cosy-Weekend-SocksI had this yarn in my stash for quite a while. One of Monday’s girls knitted a pair of Cosy-Weekend-Socks with it. I completely fell in love with the yarn and also with the way the cables looked with it so I ordered myself a ball. This is a DK weight yarn, Just like recommended in the pattern. It’s a 62% wool, 23% and 15% Alpaca and I absolutely love the squish factor. 

Let’s talk about needle size A new pair of Cosy-Weekend-Socks

I knew I wanted this pair to be a bit tighter on my feet so I decided to go with a smaller needle size. I knitted my new pair of Cosy-Weekend-Socks on a 9” 2.75 mm needle but for the heel and toe I used a long circular needle. As I usually do on socks knitting. I had gauge of 7 sts per inch on a 2.75 mm needle.

And this is how I knitted them

Even Though I went with a smaller needle size, I decided to cast-on 56 sts (instead of the 64 recommended in the pattern) because I wanted a tighter fit. So this was the first modification I did. A new pair of Cosy-Weekend-Socks

So I had 56 stitches on my needle and It came out perfectly for my size therefore I decided to skip the decrease after the Gusset was completed. If you have the pattern you know what I mean. So this was the second modification I did on my new pair of Cosy-Weekend-Socks.

sock patternThe third and last modification I did is that I knitted less cables on the leg portion. First because I wanted this pair to be a little shorter but also because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yarn for a long one. So in my pattern I instruct to start knitting the heel after the 8th cable. In my new pair of Cosy-Weekend-Socks I started knitting the Heel Flap right after the 5th cable. So I have 5 cables instead of 8 on the leg section. Eventually I had enough yarn left (27 g). Meaning that I could easily make the same length as in the original pattern. Just so you know.

cosy weekend socksThis is all the differences I made to the original pattern. I really want to add this size to the original pattern but until then I thought it could be helpful to share it with you here on my little blog corner just in case. The Cosy-Weekend-Socks pattern is available on both my Etsy and Ravelry stores.Anyway my new pair of Cosy-Weekend-Socks are still on my feet as I’m writing this post and I don’t think they will be off anytime soon even though I have to block them. This yarn spent quite some time in a basket in my studio and I think it’ll be better to give them a nice soak.

On this week’s episode on YouTube I shared all about this making and SO much more (including a new crochet pattern coming your way). I hope you’ll enjoy watching. And please let me know if you would consider making my upcoming new crochet pattern. Please don’t forget to share like and subscribe, it can really help my channel A LOT! xxMo