At first I thought it would be better to skip this week’s episode because I’ve been experiencing another level of stress and exhaustion. I had a few things that I wanted to share this week including a visit to a local yarn shop. But I was afraid I would not be able to sit in front of the camera with such a low level of energy. I thought to skip this weekEventually I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did because it was a lift me up episode. Thank you SO much for joining me there and giving me the opportunity to share what I’m going through these days.

The news about the girls and women captured in Gaza, by Hamas terrorists and what they have been through makes me terrified. We hear from hostages that came back that some of them are being raped and might be pregnant already. The thoughts of how on earth we are going to handle this situation don’t leave me and make me extremely anxious. I simply don’t know how to handle such anxiety levels. I felt too low to sit and record an episode for YouTube.

I usually record on Wednesdays morning or early afternoon. It depends on the housework chores I usually do at the first part of the day. This week though, I took the time and got into the household swing which provided me with the perfect escapism.

When I was done with all my tasks I felt my body desperately needed a hot bath. I knew it could help me handle what runs inside my head. After some breath work in the hot water I decided not to skip this week’s episode. I knew it could be a lift-me-up thing to do and so it was.

I thought to skip this week I thought to skip this weekcosy weekend socksI had so many things that I planned to share and the minute I started to speak about my knitting and crochet, I felt better. Hope you’ll come and join me there and thank you so much if you choose to do so. I know it is not easy to follow me these days but if you’re still here I am very thankful for you and I really appreciate that. We live in a very difficult time and my creative journey has now become even more meaningful. 

Many of you write to me and ask ‘how can I support you’ and it melts my heart. Thank you!!! For me, just having you here, reading my blog, watching my videos, these are all simply a huge support. Thank you SO much! I wish you all a lovely weekend and I hope you will have the time to watch this week’s episode. We don’t have any special plans for this rainy weekend other than stay cosy. I hope to enjoy a lot of relaxing knitting and maybe make some progress on my Cosy Weekend Socks. xxMo