My Yellow Marling Raglan is done. It came out exactly how I wanted it to be and I am completely in love with it. I learned so much from this making and I am so happy that this is what I will be sharing here with you for the first blog of the year. It’s a lift-me-up kinda garment and it’s exactly what I need these days.

Welcome to the first blog post of 2024 and happy new year !!! I hope you all had a lovely holiday with your loved ones and that you are ready for the start of the new year. 

Here, as you probably know, there is not much of a change rather than we all feel very tired from the war and wish for a change, wish for peace. I hope the new year brings something good, at least a little relief for all of us in this patch. And that all of our hostages will be back home soon. This is my top wish for the new year and until then I will do my best to stay sane. Housekeeping, cooking and knitting, I stick with these for now.

cooking and knitting

I’ve been knitting my Yellow Marling raglan almost the entire day, last Saturday. When I was ready to weave – in the yarn ends it was late afternoon. The minute it was done I tried it on and couldn’t take it because it felt so soft against the skin and I was happy to-the-sky with the fit. Yellow Marling Raglan - DONE!I went to the mirror in our bedroom and back to the living room, modeling my new Yellow Marling to Eyal and the boys and got all the compliments. I felt so SO proud with it!

I wanted to leave it on but I was determined to soak it and block it that evening because I wanted to wear my finished object on this week’s episode. My plan was to share everything about this joyful making including what yarns I used, gauge and needle size. Yellow Marling Raglan - DONE!It is made out of wool held together with my Granny kit cotton in colour cream. The contrast looked much better when it was wet.

It took ages until my new yellow marling raglan got completely dry. I really wanted to wear it in this week’s episode and therefore I hanged it outside on a sunny spot of our balcony to dry. 

On Wednesday my new raglan was completely dry. yellow marlingWhen I got dressed up for the recording and put my new yellow marling sweater on, it automatically put a smile on my face. That sums it all up. It is a lift- me- up peice. I am completely in love with it or if to be accurate, it makes me ridiculously happy.

Yellow Marling Raglan - DONE!On Thursday evening I shared a new episode on YouTube where I shared everything about how I knitted this lift me up yellow marling raglan. I also talk about the process of self drafting which is different from following a pattern, obviously. I shared how I learned to self draft a top down sweater. 

yellow marlingIn the new episode I explain why I decided to include my new finished object in my new YELLOW 2024 making sketchbook. Even though I finished it at the very end of 23.



I really enjoyed this making and learn a lot throughout the process. While recording my episode I could feel how it makes me happy sharing it with you. I hope you will feel it while watching. I’m curious to hear from you, have you ever tried to knit or crochet anything out of your head? Or do you prefer following a pattern? Leave me a comment here or on the video, let me know and if I forgot to mention something that you want to know, please feel free to leave your question on the comment section in the video. I wish 2024 will bring us all some light and happy and marling yellow days, xxMo


In this episode I also shared an Etsy update and GrannyKit cotton kits plans for 2024. Thanks for watching my video till the end!