OVER THE MOON crochet blanket pattern and yarn packs are now available in my Etsy shop. Thanks to your kind suggestions I finally made up my mind and gave it a proper name. Just on time to publish it and send it out to you all.Over The Moon Crochet Blanket

I hope you found my little thank you gift in your inbox (was sent on Wednesday to all blog subscribers). Thank you so much for taking the time and thinking with me on the right name for the new crochet blanket. Hope you’ll enjoy the 10% off on both pattern and yarn pack.


I think Over The Moon is a super suitable name for this blanket. But have to say I liked ALL your suggestions. There were other beautiful names that you sent that made it hard for me to choose. But together with my loved ones and my lovely students we decided to go with OVER THE MOON and I’m happy with it SO much. It just feels right for this monochrome circles baby blanket.


After publishing Over The Moon crochet pattern andyarn packs, on Wednesday, I received a few questions, mainly regarding how to calculate the yarn for a different size blankets. So I thought to answer them all here today together with some more information about this project. I believe this info will be helpful before diving into the making of this meditative project.


Over The Moon Crochet Blanket

This crochet baby blanket is a simple and relaxing making. The clean look of large contrast circles floating in one color background creates a monochrome meditative effect which not just speaks to my heart but is also perfect for a newborn vision. You’ll be making the circles first and then turning them into squares. When all squares are ready you will join them using a front stitch method. I am SO in love with the magic that happens when it all comes to a one large piece. All the meeting points between the squares are so special to my eyes. Over The Moon Crochet BlanketOn the last part of the making you will frame your blanket starting with three rounds of calming double crochet stitches ending with a tiny detail on the finishing round. This project will keep you busy with not much brain space needed and will make a perfect newborn gift.Over The Moon Crochet Blanket

Can I make it if I’m a beginner?

My answer to this question is yes and here’s why: First, I created a step by step pattern and included close up pictures, which will make it easier for you to follow. I also included some video tutorials to help you along the making and to make you feel like you learn personally with me. over the moonYou should be familiar with the basic crochet stitches and I have some video tutorials to help you with that. Learn with me how to Sc, how to Hdc, how to Dc. So, yes it’s a beginners friendly crochet project. As with all my patterns it’s written using US crochet terms. 

The front stitch joining

This is a video tutorial I made which is also included in the PDF pattern. I think you might find it helpful for other projects as well. We use this joining method in different project, it’s a very loved one in CrochetObjet studio.


  • This is a 6 x 8 squares blanket.
  • Diameter of each circle: 4″ (10 cm)
  • Size of each square: 5 x 5″ (12.5 x 12.5 cm)
  • Size of finished blanket after blocking: 38.5 x 29 ” (98 x 74 cm)

over the moon

About the yarn 

In my original blanket I used my Granny Kit cotton which is a 4ply Sport weight cotton. Each ball is 50 gr’ / 125 meter. This blanket is made using only two colours: Black Jet for the circles and just a little bit for the framing. Shale Grey for background and framing. In Over The Moon yarn pack you will have 7 balls of each colour which will be enough for you to crochet the same size blanket like mine and you will even have some extra yarn to enjoy in future projects. In the written PDF pattern, I used different colours than what I used in my original blanket just because I wanted to make it easier for you to see the details on the pictures.Over The Moon Crochet Blanket

Can I change colours within the yarn pack?

The answer is yes and here is a little explanation: Over The Moon crochet blanket yarn pack includes 7 balls of Black Jet and 7 balls of Shale Grey. You can replace those colours. All you have to do is simply contact me on Etsy convo and just check if the colours you want are in stock. And by the way it’s a free shipping item in my shop.over the moon crochet pattern

Why the pattern is not included in the yarn pack?

A question that one lady asked me over on YouTube and I think you also might ask yourself? So here is my explanation for that. After years of being a shop owner on Etsy I learned a few things.

  • First is that in most cases my customers like to purchase the pattern first and see if they like it and feel good about making it. Some would purchase different yarns and decide not to use CrochetObjet packs. But in other cases, after viewing the pattern, a customer would come back to purchase the yarn pack but they already purchased the pattern, so they would reach out to me and ask for a refund for the pattern. Well as you can imagine, for one woman’s business this makes it a little too cumbersome
  • As a small business I don’t always have yarn packs available but patterns are always available. People purchase a pattern and when the yarn pack is back in stock they come back to me to say: I already have the pattern, I don’t need it, please refund me for the pattern.
  • Last but not least, high quality cotton prices are very high, add shipping prices to that, which are getting higher like crazy, the price of the kit and pattern can be quite high. Since I want to keep my prices reasonable and want to look after my customers and try keep prices at a minimum, I decided that patterns should be priced and purchased separately. My designs and the PDF files are time consuming and well worth the purchase!
These are only part of the reasons and I’m sure  there are still people that will say I have to include the pattern in the yarn pack, but you just can’t make EVERYONE satisfied.

I could have write it even better if my English was better but I tried to explain my self in the max.

Can I make it bigger? Yarn calculation guideOver The Moon Crochet Blanket

While working on this blanket, Elicheva and myself made some notes and calculations . So, here is what I think will help you to calculate the yarn if you like to change the size of your blanket, based on that. Each Granny Kit cotton ball will make approx 8 circles. Each Granny Kit cotton ball will frame approx 11 circles and turn them into squares. I strongly recommend that you use this calculation when planning your blanket size. But I also want you to keep in mind that the bigger you go the more yarn you will need for the framing. That’s why I’m not that sure that if you take two yarn packs you can double the original size. And one more fact that I want you to bear in mind is that cotton is heavier than wool and wool blends. So please be aware. It might also affect shipping costs as we all know. In any case if you plan on a bigger size for your Over The Moon blanket , please use the calculations I gave you above + add more balls for the framing and then contact me via Etsy convo. Thank you!!!


Use a 3 mm crochet hook for the blanket and first section of the framing. Use a 3.5 mm hook for the last section of the framing. OR size to obtain gauge. Please take the time to crochet a sample. I strongly recommend that you make a square and frame it with only 1 round of double crochet stitches and then frame it with one round of slip stitches. It will help you to feel and see how it works. It is super important that you keep your stitches loose on the final section of the framing.


22 sts x 10 rows on 4 ” (10 cm) measured on a double crochet st made with a 3 mm hook after blocking.


You will need a BOR (beginning of round) marker + 4 markers different than BOR. Tapestry needle and a pair of crafty scissors.

Over The Moon Crochet Blanket

I think this is it? Hope I haven’t forgotten anything…. I really tried and wanted very much to keep it simple and back to basics kinda project. But you know me already. It will not be a CrochetObjet project if it doesn’t have this tiny little detail added into the story. So I kept it VERY simple BUT had to add a tiny fine detail to give it a little twist at the final round. Still minimalistic though.


On the last few days E got Covid. It’s the second time for him and he is vaccinated. He got it lightly this time but I had to cancel two of my weekly groups. I decided to take advantage of it and started working on a new video tutorial where I show exactly how to crochet the Over The Moon border. OMG it took me two days to shoot and I’m sure it will be a long one to edit. It will be added to my YouTube once done.


So I hope I answered all of your questions and if not, please leave your question/s in the comment section below. My answers to your questions might help others as well. I know a few of you couldn’t make it to put their hands on a yarn pack. It was sold out before I went out of the studio on Wednesday – THANK YOU!!! Good news: more Over The Moon yarn packs will be added to my shop Friday morning.

Etsy star seller

There are so many other things I wanted to tell you about. My zoom crochet workshop with mYak….  OR that I became an Etsy STAR SELLER? but this is it for today because life is happening and there are kids and sourdough waiting for me outside of my little heaven/ studio. Enjoy your weekend, don’t forget to use your 10% off coupon code, xxMo