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This is a little THANK YOU gift from me to you because I need to send some love back. Being invited to take part in an international workshop, being finally recognized by the world out there made me feel like giving back. I had a beautiful opportunity and I just want to share some of it with you. I also want to thank you for reading my blog the whole year long, week after week and being here following my CrochetObjet knitting and general life activities. So, go ahead and enjoy this sale because as you already know I only have limited quantities from the cotton yarn packs. Grab your pack before it’s gone and come back with a cup of something to read my rumblings about my first international crochet workshop.

International crochet workshop & FLASH SALEThat’s me last Sunday at 6:45pm Israel time, sitting in front of my computer, which we moved to the center of the room. Excitingly waiting for my zoom participants to log in.

And one by one they logged in​, people from all over the world together with three of my beloved local students who made me feel so comfortable and helped my excitement stay within the normal levels.My Chamomile & Sage zoom class was part of a big craft event arranged by Paola Vanzo, co-founder at mYak fibers. When we just started the workshop, Paola asked me to tell a few words about myself and to be honest I wasn’t that prepared. I tried to make my long story short and told the participants how CrochetObjet all started. I didn’t want it to take too much time of our actually crochet learning so I tried to make it short and sweet. But it made me think, this can be a whole zoom meeting by itself, really 🙂 The picture above was taken by Sigal one of my KNITNITE girls who also participated my zoom class.
Well before I share all the ‘how it went’ details I just want to let you know that it went quite good (I think) and send some inspiration your way by just telling you that if you love and have passion to do something, it will shine out of you without too much effort. I love teaching!!! Locally, internationally, personally zoom-ly, I LOVE TEACHING!International crochet workshop & FLASH SALEThe Chamomile & Sage workshop took about two and a half hours. Eyal my husband and Maya our 20 YO girl, were here with me the whole time to take care of all the technical side of things, you know internet connection and stuff like that. They went in and out of the studio to check on me and they also took some pictures and videos. So sweet of them to think about it. Now thanks to them I have photos to share with you.
They said I was a little excited at the beginning which was true. But after a few minutes I felt myself easily rolling into the teaching. Have I told you that I LOVE TEACHING?International crochet workshop & FLASH SALEmy first international workshopPaola was in and out of the workshop, she was so busy that day. My Chamomile & Sage class was part of a big Winter Market event she arranged and she kept so many balls in air that day. She had visitors coming in and out on the upper floor where the Winter Market took place. It was held in NYC west Village. In fact one of my weeklies students was visiting the Winter Market at the same moment my class started. She texted me to say everything looks gorgeous. In the pictures above you can see the kits mYak made to go along with the different classes in the Winter Bloom retreat. Look at those bags they printed to go with the C&S kit.
As the class went by I realized there are some people I know from social media and from my Etsy shop. One of the participants told me she’s busy making my Stripes and Colour blanket using my Granny Kit cotton yarn pack. It took my heart right into a very warming place. That’s me what can I do? I need this personal touch in my life. At one point or another I said it’s 7+pm here in Israel and that it’s already dark and everyone said what time is it in their corner. It was the first time I realized there are people from so many places in our virtual meeting room. Don’t you think it’s amazing?International crochet workshop & FLASH SALE
The class was a little more quiet than my weekly in person classes which made me ask myself in my head: are they good? I think people were busy trying to crochet my tiny little flowers. It’s not an easy breezy pattern to crochet after all.International crochet workshop & FLASH SALEOne of the participants, a nice lady from London mentioned she was a little behind so I slowed down my tutorial to allow her to keep up. Thanks to her I could get into the right teaching rhythm and give my students a little ease in the making. And myself a little time to look at the tiny little squares on my zoom screen and enjoy the moment. The class was quiet but I could see busy hands working  – that’s what we came for right?

It was only after the first reaction arrived on my Instagram DM’s that I could go to bed that night (thank you so much Jessica). Adrenaline took me high obviously. But then the first reaction came and after the first came the next and the day after more and more good reactions came my way. Some DM me with a pictures of their Chamomile flowers, some shared their flowers on Instagram and tagged me. I AM SO THANKFUL! My Chamomile and Sage workshop participants were so kind to show me what they had made! Which as you can imagine was so important for me.International crochet workshop & FLASH SALEThe day after, Monday’s girls arrived and we discussed it all. They helped me process the whole thing because two of them were in the zoom class the night before. They reactions made me so excited. My girls are mmmmmmMM.International crochet workshop & FLASH SALE

The above picture was shared by Alexandra on IG (thank you Alexandra). I think all in all my first international crochet workshop was an awesome experience. I am more than happy it happened with Paola and the lovely people from mYak. They made this adventure a good one for me. AND we all ended it with a taste of “we want more of this” in our mouth. In Hebrew we say: ״We finished with a taste of more״. What’s the right way to say it in English? (appetite for more)?

SO now we plan to turn my first international crochet workshop into a nice little workshop series. During January mYak and I will offer two more workshops together. One will be the exact same workshop, just like the first one. So, in case you missed my first workshop you now have a new opportunity. But before that we will have a beginner workshop for those of you who want to crochet my Chamomile & Sage pattern but want to practice the basic stitches of crochet before they jump into it. In the basic crochet stitches workshop we will be making a nice little something. I’m preparing you a little surprise. On the 5th of January, mYak will share all the details along with dates in their newsletter. Sign up here if you like to get their newsletter into your inbox.chamomile&sageThe Chamomile & Sage pattern will be available in my Etsy shop during the next few days so you can enjoy it too. I know you are waiting for it. Thank you for writing to me asking about it. The Chamomile & Sage kit will be available in mYak online shop soon so you can crochet your flowers and leaves using the exact same yarns I used. mYak yarns are So so special.
flash saleThis is the little story of my first international crochet workshop, I hope I was able to convey the atmosphere. Now that  is shared here on my blog it will be nice to come back and read again in a few years (I hope). Thank you so much for reading till the end. Don’t forget about my little thank you gift. Enjoy the 48 hours of FLASH SALE and take 15% off on everything in my Etsy shop. INCLUDING COTTON PACKS. Sale ends December 19th midnight EST. NO CODE NEEDED. xxMo