Hello 2020! Welcoming a fresh start of a new decade. I hope this decade will bring us all happiness, Happy connections and happy creative moments. How do you feel about starting the decade with the making of a Love Garden Blanket?

Earlier this week I met a close friend of mine for lunch and our conversation went from ‘time flies’ to ‘what makes us happy’. We both agreed that the things which make us mostly happy are sense of belonging, creating and giving. The feeling of belonging to all the different circles of our life is a huge source of happiness. Naturally, I couldn’t avoid talking about my little CrochetObjet circle. For almost a decade this circle has provided me with tonnes of happiness. I am so grateful for being a part of this creative community. So, I decided to open this new decade with some CrochetObjet giving. Love Garden crochet blanket will be the best way to start with.
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Love Garden Crochet Blanket

I created the Love Garden Blanket together my mom during her last weeks. If you’re new to this blog you can read more about this special journey here. It holds everything connected to a feel of belonging, creating and giving. A joyful project to start a new fresh decade.

Enjoy a 20% off both Flower Square pattern and Love Garden Yarn Pack which includes 35 colourful cotton balls in the same colours I crocheted my original blanket. (the yarn pack does not include the Flower Square pattern).

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How To

In order to create the Love Garden Blanket you will need to follow the Flower Square crochet pattern up to round 4 and from there on follow the Love Garden free crochet patterns shared on my blog. These are step-by-step patterns followed with many pictures to make it easier for you even if you are a beginner.

love garden crochet blanket

Here are the links to the relevant free patterns:

Love Garden Sq.

Joining Tutorial

Edging and Blocking

Sense of belonging

Ever since I lost my mom (about 18 months ago) I still struggle to re-build my belonging confidence. For me the words belonging, creating and  giving will always be connected to my mom. She gave us so much of her love during the years in so many creative ways. We all feel very lucky for that. She supported my creativity ever since I remember myself. The Love Garden Blanket was our last creative journey together. Many of you have already crocheted it as well as many of my students here. It brings joy to create and to look at. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

May the new decade bring you happiness, belonging confidence and of course lots of happy creative moments. Hope you will enjoy the 20% off and that you’ll make the most of it.

I would love to see your Love Gardens. Please share your creations with #lovegardenblanket and #crochetobjet give us the opportunity to enjoy the happiness.