Hello and welcome to my little blog corner again. It’s been a while since I last visited here. On my previous post I had the help of my sweet friend Ronit Kfir who suggested writing an update for me. It was such a great help and she did it so nicely and easily, thank you Ronit. Recently my hands are full of colourful making again and I think that it has to be shared here.

As you probably know my life has changed in so many ways recently and I spend most of my days on my mom’s bedside. It is a difficult period. Quite a unique situation. It is mostly a mixture of emotions and feelings. So many moments when love, happiness and sadness are mixed into a single specific moment. I find it hard to put it in words but I am totally into it, I experience the moment and let things happen as they are. I spend as much time as I can next to my mom, this is what my heart wants the most now. My kids feel the same as I do and they ask to come visit her very often, we all know that we are lucky that she still recognizes us and just like me, E and the kids, want to be with her as much as possible.

Last week, Minion #3, our youngest, celebrated his 8th birthday and his wish was to bake his own cake together with me and than go light the birthday candles with my parents, next to my mom’s bed. We allowed him a day off from school at this day and together we made him a cake – he chose cheese cake so that’s what we did. He enjoyed the process and the cake was delicious. In the afternoon we all went to my parents’ home and out of nowhere she suddenly went out of bed to light the candles with him and she was very happy with the celebration. She said such warm words to him and although her memory is not good at all she managed to say the right words for Tomer’s 8th birthday, I had to hold my tears really hard, I even managed to record some of it. We took million pictures to save this moment forever, and also for him when he grows up. Happiness and sadness and so many emotions are mixed so often in my life now days and sometimes it’s hard to take it in all at once.

At first, when the situation just began, I spent most of my days in the hospital and couldn’t find any need in me to crochet or knit. I didn’t even have the time to think of it. But as soon as we took her back home, my fingers started to twitch again and I was very thankful for that.

I managed to finish 2 pairs of socks by my mom’s bed. When ever she could she looked at my hands, touched the wool and as she always did, she said so many nice words about my work. I immediately understood that she really likes it when I sit and work next to her. As a matter of fact I felt it is a real relaxation/ therapy for both of us. As you can see I’m using this portable socks case that my clever, talented, one of a kind mom made for me when she first realized I’m getting a sock addiction.After finishing the socks I wanted to start working on something colourful and not too complicated. My Spring Blanket basket was sitting there, waiting for my attention. It still needs some planning and some more design work and yarn calculations, well at this moment not all the parts in my brain are that sharp so it will have to wait a while. I was looking for something easy to cheer both my mom and myself up a little which I can work on without using my brain too much. I grabbed a few cheerful colours from my Granny Kit cotton drawers, put it into my Bookhou bag and went to my parents’ home. I started to crochet these colourful Flower squares – a pattern I just taught in one of my last workshops and I had in mind. I started to work on a new blanket, next to my mom’s bed,  made out of these cheerful flower squares and we both enjoyed each and every moment of it.

The idea for this flower square blanket all started a few months ago, when one of my talented students, Naama, asked me to teach her how to crochet the Flower square pattern. She wanted to make a toddler blanket for her little girl out of these joyful squares. So I made a few changes within the original pattern and guided her on her flowery blanket. It was such a pleasure for me to work it out with her and we both enjoyed this colourful progress up to the sky. A few weeks meetings later her beautiful blanket was covering her sweet little girl.
While she was working here on Mondays I posted some photos of her WIP on IG and FB , causing a few other students to start their own Flower Square blanket. This custom made pattern became very popular here in my crochet workshops and made me think I have to make one of my own, not just as a sample or so that my Minions have another blanket to snuggle in, but also because of the fact that this progress is tremendously joyful and that’s exactly what I need at the moment.

SO here I am now, starting my own Flower Square blanket journey, next to my mom’s bedside – which makes it very special. This cheerful journey provides both of us with colour therapy sessions and with such a blissful mom-daughter moments. These colours and crochet Flower square have such a huge impact on my soul at the moment and once again made me understand the healing impact of both colours and crochet.

I started by crocheting Flower Squares using the following colours: Teal, Turquoise, SeaFoam, LimeGreen, Citron, Yellow, Daisy, Tangerine, Festive, Framboise, Rose, BabyPink, Mauve, Violet & Lilac.

The next step is to frame these squares and to make them bigger just like we did in Naama’s original blanket. The plan is to use the colours Platinum and Shale grey to frame each square and Sand for the join-as-you-go. I definitely wish to make it a kit and I keep my fingers crossed I will have the time to make it into my Etsy shop soon.

I do my best to keep some kind of routine in this unique situation and this week I even managed to take myself to a morning walk in the park to breath some fresh air and inhale some eucalyptus scent. I still keep Monday’s meetings whenever I can. These meetings are a lot more than just crochet or sock knitting and I do my best not to cancel if possible. You can see some stripes lovers, Benji bears here on one of the pictures. This picture was sent by Yael – she is not just one of my students but also here to help me with packing and making kits when I need more hands. So, she and her daughters fell in love with Benji. She sent me this awesome bears pictures and it made my heart sing. Yael used the colours on my Benji double kit and added 2 more stripes combo: 1. Sage & Tropical  2. Coral & Sienna. Oh how I love this Benji bears picture.

So, as you can see a lot is going on here these days but it’s mostly around my need to be as much as I can next to my beloved mom. I want to be with her and to give her the best I can and as I just told my kids I will never have the chance to give her even not the smallest part of what she gave me through all of her life.

Thank you for all your kind comments, I read each and every word you send please be sure your words mean so much to me. Thank you for visiting me here and for reading my mixed emotional voice. Be good to the ones you love, keep them close and happy as along as you can. xxxMo