Hello to all of Mo’s dear readers.
This is Ronit, Mo’s friend, writing in her name. As some of you may have read on Instagram, Mo’s mother, Eva, has been ill lately. She has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and for the past fortnight Mo, her sister and their father have been at her bedside constantly. Sadly, there is no good news on the horizon. The way for me to help is to bring Mo’s words to you:
“I was reluctant to write before – since our children were not yet updated on the situation. But a few days ago we did update them and our friends, and now I feel more comfortable writing here, in my little corner, to update all of you too. I am sure you’ve noticed my absence on the web. Some of you have written to me, asking how I am, which moved me deeply.
In the past two weeks, I feel detached from life, as if I’m on another planet: I am totally with my mother and present for her. I haven’t crocheted in a long while and I miss my CrochetObjet routine, the colorful patterns and plans I had for this coming spring.
As the days pass, I realize I have to be in the present, get through each day on its own, and try to think less about tomorrow or the future. I feel the future is too hard to contain, and yet I have discovered a power and strength in myself that I didn’t know existed.
My mother is one of the highly involved and very present mothers, and this new situation allows me to get used to a life where she is less present. I am with her and that is all I want to do right now – to be with her and to be there for her. In spite of doing things I never imagined myself doing – I find myself extremely grateful and thankful for being able to do them for her.
Thanks to my wonderful E, the house keeps functioning well and the kids day to day is not disrupted too much. We are surrounded by loving and caring family and friends.


I have a few workshops booked, starting this Friday which I look forward to. I believe they will be a big help for me to put my head up a little from this bad dream.

My Etsy shop works as usual, thanks to my amazing E and with a little help from my friends. All of your orders are carefully packed every evening. At the moment, the packages are sent on Mondays and Wednesdays. The only thing that has really changed is my presence online.

I hope I will be back here soon with some good news. I imagine it will take some time until I am back to the blog and to my usual things, but, as usual, I will trust my gut feelings: when Crochet is needed I will know it – and so will you. You already know how I love to pick up my hook, my colourful cottons and document these cheerful moments – these moments will be back.

Thank you again for the caring emails and messages, and the prayers you sent me for her recovery. It touches my heart so deeply and makes me stronger. We will keep on praying for the recovery and well-being of my amazing mother, Eva. I believe in prayers XOXO, Mo.”

Ronit here again.
I was thinking that a good way to send Mo your love, care and prayers would be to upload your latest crochet to your Instagram account, and tag it #ibelieveinprayers. You can tag @crochetobjet if you like. This could let her know how many of you are thinking about her and her mother.