Hello and welcome a very colourful post. Today I’m here to share some ‘makes my heart sing’ moments from the latest workshops and Mondays that were held at the CrochetObjet little corner. This is a picture heavy kind of post and a very cheerful one. So if by any chance there’s a little cup of (coffee/tea) next to you now, please allow yourself to lay back and enjoy this colour therapy session. If you follow me for a while you probably know already that every month or so I have 2-3 workshop days held around our kitchen table. As  part of the preparations I create a workshop set-up which includes semi ‘candy shop’ on our kitchen island. It’s actually mostly E who carries all the yarns boxes out of the studio while I take care of the fun stuff like making it all appear as one little shop. It is very important for me to create this crochet-spa feeling for my workshops. You can read more about it here. Table setting is THE thing. I always do that the evening before the workshop, after our family dinner. I print the chosen pattern for each student and put all my Granny Kit cotton colours laid on the table by colour groups. I find it very important that there’s a little sample of the pattern next to the printed paper, so the student can see an actual crocheted piece.  Usually there are a few different projects in work around the same table, which makes the table very happy. Today I’ll share some of those happy projects. The first project shown above is made by Orly. She came all the way from my home town in the north of Israel and I am very excited about that. Orly wanted to learn the traditional Granny Square and she makes this colourful blanket for her family. She got addicted. What a surprise… On the next time she participated, she came with a bag full of this grannies. A high pile of grannies, divided by colour groups which made us all like WOW, Yooo, hoooo, my Goodness – I think you can imagine the sounds of OhOh. At the picture above you can see her learning the Join-as-you-go method. She followed the Basic Granny & Join pattern for this work and added 2 more rounds to the original pattern. Merav is also busy with a basic granny project, she makes this beautiful cushion out of my Bloom Blanket pattern. Her colour work is soooooo beautiful. I probably took gazillion pictures of her work. You can see above that she learns the Bloom Edging at this workshop. We had a few Flower Squares projects on the table. Naama is almost there with her awesome Flower Squares blanket. She is one of my Mondays girls. If you follow me on IG you probably saw this blanket already. She works on it for quite a while and she will be here next Monday to finish the edging. I am so in love with this project, and yes she inspired many others to start their own Flower squares project. Find this Flower Square pattern here. Talking about flowers, this Madeleine Pin Cushion, a WIP made by Dvora. This colour combination made her pin cushion such an eye candy. Can’t wait to see it done. Hope she’ll get it done with her next time she’s here.
Same lady that made the Madeleine pin cushion is almost done with her 4 Seasons Chevron blanket. Shoshi just started her tension sample at the picture above this one.

Are you ready for some HAPPY Stripes and Colours now?
Well these pictures are just a small part from all the Stripes and Colours blankets that were started here in recent workshops. Proud me indeed!!! I am so proud, happy, thrilled, thankful….. these cotton Stripes and Colours blanket looks so amazing in any colour combo you can think of. All you have to do is just place some nice colours next to you and start dancing with your hook.

I know some of you asked about the kit and when will it be back in stock. The original kit is not available at the moment because some of the colours are out of stock and will be back at the end of February. BUT I do have some nice replacements for these colours so if you like to have the kit with these replacements, just leave me a note via my Etsy shop.Anny just started to work on a Woodland Ripple blanket, using my Stripes and Colours kit with these replacements colours. She follows the Woodland pattern from Attic24. I made her a little sample before she came and she liked it. How could she not? This pattern is such a pleasure to work on. I want to make my own cotton Woodland blanket. I can imagine hours of crochet pleasure on this blanketing journey. Lucy’s pattern is beautifully crocheted and fun to make. Thank you Lucy ❤

Lets dive into some colourful table mess now.
This table is the happiest, isn’t it? Would you join if you could? Wish you could come over for little crochet morning. The light is so great in our home, so perfect for these meetings. I love the overall atmosphere at the workshops. The girls talk, the herbs tea, the coffee, the refreshments (mostly healthy ones), the colours, and most of all the joy of crocheting in a group of creative ladies. I’m so grateful for all of these. So Thankful. Are you still here? Lets get some more happy projects now. These are a few Solid Square projects done, by different talented ladies. This simple and easy going square pattern is such a pleasant work to be busy with. I only have this pattern written in Hebrew at the moment. I should write it down in English one day. I wish I had some more time for patterns writing, as this is my favourite job (not before crocheting no no :))Orna learns the StarFish Square. She uses such a brilliant colour palette. In the picture above the StarFish square, you can see a few more projects she just finished. On her first visit she learned the My Rose Cushion. On her second visit she started working these awesome Bloom Cushions. She followed my Bloom Blanket pattern for these.Eli followed my Alice blanket pattern and made a scarf out of it. In the above picture you can see she is adding a Pom Pom edging to frame it. I am so in love with this project. She will enjoy wearing this scarf, for sure. Yael makes a little Hedgehog that I finished designing and writing just a few days ago. This little amigurumi crochet project is soOOOoo lovely. You can find the baby hedgehog pattern here at the FREE pattern section over the right side bar.  Mor was happily busy making her first Chamomile flower. This is not a ‘regular’ crochet work. As I wrote here before, these flowers were designed inspired by a Japanese textile artist Jung Jung. This is not a crochet work for beginners. As seen above, Mor did it just perfectly. She followed my Chamomile Bouquet pattern. She took the pattern home with her, just like all the others and will continue working on it at home.Angie Bunny is the last project I’ll share today. Gili just finished making her first Angie Bunny. She wanted to learn making some cotton bunnies clothes. You can see her above. She was busy crocheting the Spring Gardener outfit and she was so in love with it. You should see her working. Angie bunny making is such an addiction. It is the kind of work that fills your heart with gladness. Once you are done creating your first one, you immediately want to make another one. And that goes on for third and on…Then you obviously need clothes for all the bunnies you made.. You know what I mean when I say it is an addiction.Before we say good bye, the girls usually choose some cotton colours to take home with them. I will always give my advice if needed, according to the the project they work on. I do love hosting these colourful creative workshops here around our kitchen table. LOVE it.

That is all for today. Thank you so much for staying with me on this Looooooong colour therapy session. I hope these colours and projects inspired you to put your hands on some crafty stuff and start your own little hand made creation. I wish you were here with us but till that happen I promise to share our messy table and inspire you through these posts. xoxMo